Cuisinart 13 Cup Vs 14 Cup Food Processor Review 2020

Guys in earlier article I have Listed the Best Food Processor Under $100 , if you want you can check back.

Now today I am going to compare the most famous brand Cuisinart Food Processor. Those who are looking to buy the Cuisinart Food Processor can read the article.

We all know the Cuisinart Food Processors are most famous one. Cuisinart 13 cup Food Processor is good? Or Cuisinart 14 cup food processor is Best?

This question arises in every one’s mind before buying the Cuisinart Food Processor.

Because New Technologies have been releasing day by day and each individual want to buy the best product tool for their kitchen.

And Food Processor is much needed tool in each kitchen, as it help in many task and reduce the work load.

Now, the questions arises Which Cuisinart Food Processor is Best?

So friends, from my personal experience I have given the details on each product that will help you for choosing the Best Cusinart Food Processor.

Comaparison Video of 13 cup vs 14 cup food processor

Basic Difference Between Cuisinart 13 cup and 14 Cup Food Processor

The difference between cuisinart 13 cup and 14 cup food processor is that in 13 cup food processor there is reversible disc but in 14 cup cuisinart food processor there is no such disc.

Cuisinart 14 cup have foot paddles On and Off but in 13 cup cuisinart Food Processor there are 4 function buttons of ON, Low, High , Pause.

14 cup have only one feed tube while 13 cup have 3 food tube of different size- small, medium and large.

Both are easy to clean and handle nicely.

Cuisinart 14 Cup Food Processor Review

Basic Details

Cuisinart 14 cup food processor is a very generous size to use in every day kitchens. It has a very nice footprints. It has very nice square shape based and two paddles to handle.

One paddle is for ON and another one is For Off/Pause. Cuisinart 14-cup Food processor have brushed stainless steel.

It is very easy to handle, you can press On paddle and if you press and hold the paddle intermittently it will get pulse. Nice smooth stainless finish , it has lid which you can removed by twisting and pulling it off .

The Food Processor Cuisinart performs the all tasks like chopping, mixing, making purees, slicing, shredding. It is the Best Food Processor to buy.


Cuisinart 14 cup Food processor is 15 inches tall and 10 inches deep and 7.5 inches wide. It weighs about 18.4 pounds so it seems to be heavy.

Because of its weight it is difficult to move around often. Cuisinart Food Procvessor 14 cup size is best for those who have to do lot of shredding, slicing.

The Food Processor design is so elegant, sleek and manageable. It has two levers- One lever to turn On (Process Continuously) and second lever to pulse and turn off.

Cuisinart 14 Cup Food Processor Parts

  • The Cuisinart Food Processor comes with the Base.
  • 14 cup bowl
  • Extra large Feed tube
  • Small and large pushers
  • 4mm stainless steel slicing disc
  • Medium size stainless steel shredding disc
  • Detachable stem which fixs on both the discs
  • Stainless steel blade for chopping/mixing and dough
  • Spatula(Plastic)


For putting the whole unit together, place the bowl on the food processor base and turn to lock it. If you want to chop the ingredients insert the blade inside the bowl and turn the cover.


The performance of Cuisinart Food Processor is nice and simple to use . It saves the time while preparing the meal, nice for big families as it can take the large amount of food at a time.

It has 720 watt motor which is best for handling the multi purpose task. The wider Feed Tube helps in putting the ingredients whole for ex. Cabbage, potato, tomatoes etc.

Shredding and slicing disc is not adjustable. The Food processor performs both the tasks-smaller tasks like making purees, chopping herbs, hummus and heavy task like making dough for pastry.

It blends the dry as well as wet ingredients nicely. The wide chute helps in putting the whole fruits and vegetables without any pre cutting.


The cuisinart Food Processor is dishwasher clean safe. Use Luke warm water to clean with using soap, dishwasher detergent.

Pros and Cons of 14 cup food processor


  • Easy to clean and handle
  • Blends dry and wet food items nicely
  • Best for shredding and slicing


  • Because of heavy weight it is difficult to move.
  • Not for big large families
  • No reversible disc

Cuisinart 13 cup Food Processor Review

Basic details

13 Cup Cuisinart Food processor is most popular food processor. It holds the 13 cup capacity. It perfectly dices the fruits and veggies.

Super easy to use and clean and has patented blade lock system.

It had two bowls in which one bowl hols the 8 cup capacity and another small bowl 4.5 cup capacity.

It has very good wide feeding tube with 3 types of pushers- small , medium and large.

It performs all the task of chopping, grinding and dicing.


Cuisinart 13 cup food processor dimension is 11.25x 21.75x 17.5 inches and it weighs about 19.3 pounds.

The food processor is nice and stylish in look. Have a separate dicing kit with the storage case which is plus point.

It had four function buttons – OFF , PAUSE, LOW, HIGH.

Cuisinart 13 cup Food Processor Parts

  • It comes with a base
  • Dicing Kit
  • Two separate bowls small and large
  • Small bowl holds the 4.5 cup capacity
  • Large bowl holds the 8 cup capacity
  • Storage case to keep all the tools
  • Reversible slicing and shredding disc
  • Adjustable disc.
  • Spatula
  • Chopping and mixing blade
  • Dough Blade and adapter stamp


It is simple and easy to use. Saves the time and easily chops the veggies and fruits.

 The slicing and shredding disc which is reversible easily helps in slicing some food items and it has a cleaning tool also.

If some food stuff is remained in disc with the help of tool you can easily remove it. It has a lock system which is good.

It has a new disc feature in which you can perfectly chop the fruits in cube shape. It easily handle the large amount of food and best for large big families.

Has two chopping and mixing blades for small and large working bowl.

It has main storage case in which it has chopping and mixing blades , dough blade to make pizzas and pastas items like that, adapter stamp , a small chopping blade which is used in small working bowl.

It has reversible shredding disc in which one side is medium and other side is fine.

Cuisinart Food processor of 13 cup has adjustable slicing disc. Storage case helps in keeping all the parts safely and clean.

It has small work bowl and dicing kit with cleaning tool.

Lid helps in fitting the bowl perfectly and don’t makes the food comes out.

Small bowl can be used for chopping some herbs, nuts and many more things. Dough blade works only with large bowl.

It has flat cover and feed tube cover. Small feed tube has a little hole from which you can insert the liquid easily.


Easy to clean and keep. Dishwasher cleaning parts and storage case helps in keeping the tools clean and in proper place.

Pros and Cons of 13 cup food processor


  • It can hold maximum amount of food items
  • Easy to clean and handle
  • It also have dough blade and reversible blade
  • Best for big families
  • Two separate bowls of different size
  • Saves time


  • Takes space to keep the tools.
  • Not travel friendly.

Which is Best to Buy: Cuisinart 13 cup or 14 Food Processor 

From my point of view I will choose the Cuisinart 13 cup food processor because since it has separate dicing kit with storage case and very easy and friendly to use.

It also have 2 bowl of different size. For small quantity we can use the 4.5 cup bowl and for making doughs or slicing shredding 8 cup bowl can be used.

It can hold the maximum amount of food.

A s well as it also have 3 Fedding tube of different size, which is very attractive.

And small tube also have a hole downward from which we can easily put the liquids to the bowl.

The best thing in cuisinart 13 cup food processor is super easy to use and chopping, grinding is done properly , it has a cleaning tool also.

FAQ about 13 cup and 14 cup food processor

1. How to make dough in Cuisinart 13 cup food processor?

Cuisinart 13 Cup food processor have a special dough blade with the use of that blade you can easily prepare the dough for pizza, cookies etc.

You have to simply place the dough blade in bowl and all the ingredients in it and mix it.

2. Does Cuisinart Food Processor is best brand ?

Yes, it is one of the top best brand to purchase the products.

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