Best 4 Door Refrigerator Review | four door fridge Buyers guide 2020

We have reviewed the best French door refrigerator check the details and buy the most popular 4 door refrigerator for your kitchen.

Are you looking to buy a best 4 Door Refrigerator?

Confuse which Refrigerator of 4 Door will be best one?

Do you also want to change the old refrigerator and purchase the brand new Four Door Refrigerator for kitchen?

So guys all this question might be running in your mind.

And obviously it will.

Because we all want a modern, stylish and elegant Refrigerator in our kitchen which will enhance the beauty of all kitchen space.

And what about cold water? Ice creams in summer?

Everyone love to have in summers.

Actually every seasons (me too).

Refrigerator is a Heart of Kitchen. Yes, I’m correct because no kitchen is their which don’t have Refrigerator.

I think you all have a refrigerator RIGHT!!!

Refrigerator plays a role of family member and Fridge is treated so (I’m correct)

What will you do when you come from office and need a chilled glass of water?

Simple you will open refrigerator and have it.

This signify we all need a refrigerator in kitchen which can satisfy all our foody needs.

We all knows guys there are plenty number of brands and we all get confuse in that.

Frankly speaking friends I do got confused while purchasing the new Refrigerator for my kitchen.

What you all need a best buying guide which will narrow the selecting options and give you a clear idea about which will be best to purchase.

From this article I will try my best to answer all the questions that you all are searching in internet.

Let’s jump to the discussion guys.

What are the Types of Refrigerator?

Talking about the types then I will say there are many types of Fridge.

  • Single door Refrigerator
  • Double Door Refrigerator
  • 3 door Refrigerator
  • 4 door Refrigerator

And many more types are there. But the  most important is what you want for you kitchen.

Below I ‘m going to help you while choosing the Refrigerator which points should be concluded.

Does 4 Door Refrigerator is available in market?

Many of us don’t know that 4 door refrigerator is also available.

But guys 4 Door French Door fridge can be purchase online. It is slightly heavy in range.

But best for the big large families. It has 4 doors that means the storage is large.

In market French door 4 Door counter depth refrigerator is available and you can easily purchase it.

Why Should You buy 4 Door Refrigerator?

Yes the most important thing , why should I buy 4 door refrigerator?

Because many times people buy the refrigerator and later they don’t understand why they have brought this one?

Or they find some difficulty with that product.

Yes, I have experienced this things in life, because many times what we do is, we buy the products which we find elegant and stylish.

But the 4 Door refrigerator is best for big families and who have space in kitchen.

If you are looking to buy a refrigerator which have maximum storage the 4 door French Refrigerator is best option.

A s it provides many storage space , lot of new advanced technology facilities.

Smart organisation helps in keeping the stuff inside the Refrigerator.

Pro's and Con's of 4 Door Refrigerator


  • Very stylish and elegant.
  • Advanced technologies
  • Easy to useBest for biog families
  • Have lot of storage facilities
  • Proper management
  • 4 doors which help in keeping the stuff easily and separetly


  • Not for small families
  • Acquires space in kitchen
  • Cleaning takes time

4 Door French Door Refrigerator : Buying Guide

Whenever you go to market for purchasing the refrigerator or online also , there are some points you should keep in mind while buying the refrigerator.

Here I have listed some important point which you must recognise while purchasing the refrigerator.


The very important point guys, because you don’t have any budget then you will get confused while purchasing the refrigerator.

The proper budget must be plan because according to that it will be easy to buy.

The 4 door refrigerator may be costly but if you want to invest money on best brand and quality , then you can increase your budget.

Because what we all want is the best product which would last long.

Dimension of area

The second most prominent point to mark is dimensions because the space where you are going to keep the refrigerator must be measure.

As 4 door refrigerator occupies good amount of space so your must keep this point in mind.

Many times what happen we don’t take this point seriously and later the kitchen space get congested.

Organisation or Configuration

Configuration of refrigerator must be check like freezers, compressors etc.

Does the freezer is on top or bottom. Because French Door Refrigerator have Freezer at bottom.

Then does the refrigerator have door space that means it also have storage inside the door case.

All this things must be check properly according to your choice,

Advanced Features

Now there are every refrigerator which have all advanced technology features, But still it’s your duty to check this one also.

If your family is big then obviously you will need lot of space , so check the storage capacity.

Some of refrigerator also have humidity control system.

Then if you often order pizzas , burger then check that the refrigerator can store the pizza box or not.

Then the shelving should be adjustable and movable . There should be extra space for keeping extra items.

Does the refrigerator have separate storage for fruits vegetables and beverages.

Check all this important point and seriously guys you will not get confused if you remember all this points


We all want a refrigerator which looks super dashing and stylish in our kitchen.

Now a days stainless steel refrigerator is most trending because of its glossy look.

Stainless steel glossy finish gives a very modern look to your kitchen.

There are many Refrigerator which have finger resistant system.

It’s all up to you because individual have different choices regarding the looks.

So friends this are the points you must remember while buying the refrigerator for you home.

Best 4 Door Refrigerator Brands to Buy in 2020 Reviews



Samsung 4 Door Refrigerator 27.7 cu ft

  • Its a 4 door French door Refrigerator.
  • Samsung French door refrigerator comes        with the finger resistant system.
  • Refrigerator is stainless steel with very stylish appearance
  • It has 4 separate storage
  • Metal cooling and Twin cooling system is given to keep the freshness
  • It’s perfect for big families
  • It has multi functionality of playing music, share photographs, calendar.
  • It has digital board where you can stick pictures or stickers
  • Wifi and Bixby function is available
  • Super stylish and elegant refrigerator with adjustable shelves
  • Click on image to enlarge



    GE Smart 4 Door-French Door Refrigerator 27.9 cu ft

  • The GE Refrigerator is a Door-in-Door fridge
  • It has Finger resistant system
  • Has a removable drawer
  • Taller items like bottles can be easily keep
  • Wifi is available
  • If door remains open gives automatic signal
  • Twin chilling function
  • Easy to clean
  • Hands free autofill
  • More space for storage
  • refrigerator

    Click on image to enlarge



    Whirlpool French 4 Door Refrigerator 25cu ft

  • Has exterior drawer system
  • Whirlpool Refrigerator have finger resistant function
  • It has exterior dispenser for filter water and ice cube
  • Has Flexible storage
  • Gallon door bin can be adjusted
  • Stainless steel look
  • Stylish in look and easy to operate
  • whirlpool refrigerator

    Click on image to enlarge



    LG Smart 4 Door refrigerator 28 cu ft

  • It’s a door-in-door Refrigerator
  • Has stainless steel finishing
  • LG Refrigerator comes with finger resistant function
  • It also have double freezer drawers
  • Wifi is also available
  • It has glass panel from which you can see
  • Have wonderful storage system
  • It has 2 refrigerator door and 2 freezer door
  • LG 4 door fridge

    Click on image to enlarge

    FAQ about 4 door refrigerator

    What is the best brand 4 door refrigerator?

    SAMSUNG is the most popular and famous brand having very stylish and sleek designs 4 door refrigerator.

    How to reset water filter light on Samsung 4 door refrigerator?

  • Generally the water filter light turns orange after 5 months and re after six months.
  • If you want to rest the water filter light then you have to hold the multi function button which will be on your display panel.
  • Then press and hold for few seconds until the light changes the colour.
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