Best Large Capacity Slow Cooker 2021 For Your Kitchen

This article is all about the slow cooker and top best large capacity cookers for your kitchen. Nowadays there are a number of kitchen appliances accessible in the market out of which large capacity slow cooker is the best one to buy for a large gathering.

Quick Review of Article

When it comes to buy a slow cooker for your family we probably pick 5-6 quart slow cooker. But for large families 5-6 quart capacity slow cooker doesn’t work.

For such conditions 10 quarts or more capacity slow cooker is the best option to buy.

In this article, I have listed the Top large capacity slow cooker, which will be easy for you to pick one them.

But before starting the article let’s have a look at some basic questions related to slow cookers.

  • Looking to buy the best large slow cooker?
  • What is a crockpot?
  • How Slow cooker works?

All these queries arrive in our mind before purchasing any kitchen products.

There are different types of cookers available in the market, from slow cooker to multi-purpose cooker. But which one is best and which one to buy? is most difficult.

I always suggest my readers that purchasing the kitchen appliance is not a big deal, but Why and How to purchase is most important.

For that, you must have the basic information regarding the product because there are so many appliances available in the market which confuse our mind.

Let’s understand this with an example.

Talking about the cookers, we all generally knew the basic cooker, but today in the market there are different types available for cookers from slow cookers to instant pots.

So for what purpose you want the cooker according to that, you can purchase. Generally, slow cookers are best for cooking food items for a long period of time like casseroles, meats, stews, etc.

Slow cooker is the most simplest and handy kitchen appliance.

What is a Slow Cooker?

The name itself defines its features, the cooker which cooks meal slowly is known as a slow cooker.

The slow cooker is different from a normal pressure cooker. They were also known as Crock-Pot because it has a ceramic pot inside in which the food is cook.

Slow cookers are best for preparing big batches of a delicious meal with relatively hands-on attention.

They’re wonderful for cooking food for a crowd, bringing to potlucks or just prepping like, a whole weeks worth of lunches.

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Available slow cookers sizes in market

Talking about the sizes in slow cookers then there is small size, medium-size and large size slow cookers are available in the market.

But which one to buy?

This question is most important for all those who are planning to buy a new slow cooker for their kitchen.

Generally slow cookers are available in 1.5 quart, 2-3 quart max 10 quart.

2-3 quart size slow cooker for one person will be the best one to purchase. 10 Quart slow cooker is best for large families and 6-quart slow cooker is a much better option for medium-size families.

Nowadays a new type of slow cooker has also arrived in the market which is known as a Programmable slow cooker which is very easy and best to use.

Slow cooker with a timer?

Yes, there are largest slow cooker in the market with a timer

The only difference is, in a manual cooker there is no timer but a Programmable slow cooker comes with a timer.

Now you don’t need to worry about the overcooking of food, just set the time and it will automatically turn off when the timer is off.

A slow cooker with a locking lid system is great for traveling and it also comes with a self-stirring system, temperature managing probe.

Remember, large size slow cooker requires a large crockpot or large capacity crockpot.

Benefits of Large Slow Cookers

Talking about the benefits of an Extra-large slow cooker then believe me there are lots :

  • If you plan to gather with friends then a large cooker is beneficial to cook a large quantity
  • Better for cooking food for many people
  • If you plan for a big party then no need to rush you just put ingredients at midnight.

Slow Cooking Benefits

From my point of view slow cooking is brilliant for busy lifestyles because it saves our time and effort and most important stress.

Why stress? No one likes to chop so many vegetables and then cook. It is so time consuming work.

Cooking food means adding flavour to our life and that what slow cooker does.

Slow cooker is best for drawing the flavour into the food and it also save the money . It’s best for cooking the cheaper cuts of meat and the slow cooker is cheaper to run than the oven.

We can also add the variety to your diet by cooking anything like stews, soups.

When you cook in a lower temperature it helps in preserving nutrients of food which sometimes get lost when we cook at high temperature.

Tips on how to get the most out of Slow cooker:

Tip no. 1 : Think Forward

As the name implies, this type of appliances are slow, so you need to plan your recipe at least 2 to 12 hours ahead.

Because if you want to cook food in an hour, then a rice cooker or instant pot might be a better option to choose.

Some slow cookers come with buttons, like “low”, “high”‘ “warm” which need to be adjusted manually according to the time specified by the recipe.

But there are some slow cookers which is known as Programmable slow cookers. They are designed such that need to be turned on to either low or high before it automatically turns to “warm”.

Tip no.2: Preheating

Now you can also preheat the slow cookers while prepping the ingredients to get to a nice cooking temperature faster.

Remember don’t leave it preheating for longer than 15-20 minutes or to avoid scorching the insert.

Tip no 3:Dump or not to Dump

As we have said slow cookers aren’t the most hands-on appliances, but they are not totally hands free.

You guys have seen advertising of “Dump recipes”. In this recipes they tell us that we can just dump all the ingredients and everything will turn out tasty or delicious.

If you have enough time, then most of the slow cooker recipes benefits a bit advanced legwork to make the ingredients the best they can be.

There’re some slow cookers which can’t sear or saute and which are the most important way to build the flavour.

Food items like pasta, seafood and other such delicate items should not be added until the meal is close to it’s cooking time.

Slow cookers cook slowly, so you may have the risk of having the ingredients stick up in a dangerous temperature for too long if you don’t thaw them first.

Tip No. 4:Cooking time may change

Suppose you are not following a recipe very closely, expect the cook time to vary.

In a slow cooker, half-full food items cook a lot faster than a slow cooker that’s full all the way to the top.

Tip no. 5: Cooking at Night

Guys don’t forget, you can use the slow cooker at night time. You just need to prep before you go to bed.

Because cooking at night is best for those who are office going people. Since they don’t have much time to spend in kitchen.

So in that case they can simply add the ingredients into the slow cooker and keep it overnight.

Food we should not cook in Slow Cooker?

Talking about the advantages of sow cooker then they are the real life saver when it comes to prepare food at weeknights or in busy days.

Is there anything better than walking into the kitchen after a long busy day and being greeted with the enticing aroma of cooked food?

But wait wait!!!!

Slow cooker have certain limitations.

Let’s have a look at some food that we should not prepare in slow cookers.

Fish, Chicken, Bacons.

But according to some chef’s, slow cookers are best at braising and cooking items like meat.

But main problem arise when we put quick cooking proteins into the slow cookers.

White meat and Fish come to mind because they are lean proteins and cooking in slow cooker will miss all the proteins.

For that oven roasting or pan searing is better option to choose.

Fish and boneless chicken are lean so cooking in slow cooker will make them dried out and tough and so with the bacon.

Cheese is other ingredients which should be only add once the food is cooked completely.

Because cooking cheese for so long makes it’s lumpy and messy.

Slow cooker is best for cheaper cuts of meal since it tenderize it properly.

Paasta seems to be very easy to cook but in slow cooker ,cooking it for long period of time makes it lumpy.

Similarly rice, in slow cooker long grain rice gets overcooked from edges and taste hard /dry.

Instant pot vs Crock Pot Which is better

Are you are one of those who are confused between the Instant pot and Crockpot?

Ofcourse you will because these two are the most famous kitchen appliance which is hand off and there is a little difference which makes them unique.

The cooking time of instant pot and crockpot is different. A crockpot is generally used in the slow cooking process, such that the tempersture of crock pot remains even for long period of time.

On the other hand, an Instant pot is an electric pressure cooker which means it cooks the food faster and takes less energy.

5 very easy slow cooker meals|Slow Cooker:

In a slow cooker, we can cook so many different meals, but I have listed some of my favourite meals that I personally love to cook.

Slow cookers are generally very nice for slow cooking as it gives a different aroma and taste.

We all love to have a proper meal and specially the meals which have some extra juices and spices filled.

I love using the slow cooker for many recipes as it saves my time as well as gives a proper finish to the meal.

Passata is one of quick and easy meal which we can prepare in a slow cooker by adding all your favourite ingredients like garlic, soya sauce, minced and many more

Curries can also be prepare in slow cookers.

Beef Stew is best to prepare in slow cookers. Due to slow cooking process the Beef is so well cooked and becomes juicy.

Bean and Chorizo is simple to cook, just need to add all the ingredients like beans, diced tomatoes, green pepper and more.

Cakes are also made in slow cookers and peanut chocolate cake is the most favourite cake that I love to prepare in a slow cooker.

Top 3 Picks Large capacity Slow cookers in 2021| Best Slow Cooker 2021

Hamilton Beach Extra Large Slow Cooker 10 Quart Capacity

Hamilton Beach 10 Quart Slow cooker

Hamilton Beach 10 Quart Slow cooker extra-large capacity

Product Specification:

Name of Brand : Hamilton Beach

Name of Product : Slow Cooker

Capacity : 10 Quart

Height : 12.4″


Width: 12.6″

Color: Black

Product Extra Features:

Hamilton Beach slow cooker with extra large capacity holding.

Portable slow cooker with lid

Travel friendly

Product Description:

Hamilton beach have introduced the new type in slow cooker which comes in oval shape. The extra large slow cooker which can hold upto 10 quart capacity.

Easy to travel as it is a portable slow cooker . This function makes it more easier such that the people can now easily go and travel with uch slow cooker.

The oval shaped stoneware crock can handle upto 10 lb. or 12 lb and it is best for serving large amount of soups and stews.

It comes with 3 settings which is High, Low and warm and handles are very comfortable to carry.

Easy to wash both stoneware crock and glass lid. This slow cooker with extra large capacity is best for feeding large crowd.

The oval shape make it more comfortable in cooking different food like soups, stews even 12lb roast and many more.

After food is cooked then you can turn it to Warm temperature so that the food remains warm while serving.

Pros and Cons of slow cooker


Best for large families and cooking for large no. of people.

Easy to clean

Travel friendly / Portable slow cooker

Holds maximum 10-12 lb capacity

Clip tight sealed lid


Glass lid handle is of plastic

Light indicator doesn’t work properly

Black+Decker 7 quart Digital Slow Cooker

Black+Decker 7 quart Digital Slow Cooker

Product Specification:

Name of Brand: Black +Decker

Name of Product: Slow Cooker

Capacity: 7 Quart

Height: 16.1″

Width: 16.8″

Length: 10.9″

Color: Grey Stainless steel

Product Extra Features:

It’s a Digital slow cooker with temperature probe and precision.

Sous Wide Function helps in keeping the internal temperature of food in level.

Product Description:

Black & Decker Extra large low cooker comes with 7 quart capacity which is best for 8 or more sevings.

Excellent for making hot process soup, oil infusion and low heat cooking.

Air tight and very strong handles.

You just need to add the ingredients and let the low constant heat works to roast and making soups.

Temperature probe is used to achieve the ideal result to cook the variety of proteins by setting the desired temperature insert the probe into the meat and slow cooker will do the rest of work.

Prefer Cooking doneness level and then insert the temperature probe into the water in this case, the sous-wide method will help to prevent overcooking.


Great for prepping the food for large crowd.

The warm function keeps the food warm not boiling.

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


Temperature probe can be used while sous-vide.

Cooking bags may get puncture while using the temperature probe .

Wolf Gourmet 7 Quart Multi cooker| Slow Cooker Review

Wolf Gourmet 7 Quart Multi cooker

Product Specification:

Name of Brand: Wolf Gourmet

Name of Product: Multi Innovative Slow Cooker

Capacity: 7 Quart

Height: 12.2″

Length: 12.2″

Width: 17.2″

Color: Stainless steel

Product Extra Features:

Lid is transparent from which you can monitor food without removing the heat.

It has a temperature probe and 5 slow cooking settings.

Product Description:

Wolf Gourmet Multi Cooker performs all the multi functions like saute, sube and slow cooking can also be done.

Since it is stainless steel that means it can be used on stoves and right into the ovens as well.

The lid has a nice silicon gasket which gives a tight seal and moisture remains inside which doesn’t dry out the food.

Suvi v is a new cooking style which helps in keeping all the sous vide products from floating because the food is in the bag and which prevent that from poor to ground.

At bottom it has a pressure sensitive button which detect the stainless steel vessel is installed because it heat’s up and function.

It has a very nice heavy duty handles and easy to wash.

Avoid Mistakes while using slow cooker

Who needs to struggle in kitchen for cooking by hand when you have a slow cooker?

You just need to add everything in the morning and then forget about it until the dinner, isn’t great!!!

But as easy it looks that slow cookers are very smooth to use, but they do come with some rules.

  1. Don’t add the dairy products too soon as we are cooking meal in slow cooker and slow cookers takes time to cook and in that if we add dairy products like milk ,cheese, curd then it will destroy everything. Because adding such things will make the food curdled and it will taste bad and liquidy.
  2. We use Alcohol while cooking the food , but when you are cooking in slow cooker don’t use alcohol since the lid of cooker is tight and nothing evaporates and it tastes bad.
  3. Use a proper Size of slow cooker for cooking food because if you are cooking food for large no. of people then Large capacity slow cooker will be the best to use, otherwise the liquid will come out.
  4. Who doesn’t like to peek when there is special food making at home. Everyone does peeking inside the pot, but in slow cooker the rule is different. Since it takes time to cook food and in that if you are opening the lid many times will slow down the temperature inside and it will take much more time to cook food.


Does slow cooker reduce the nutritions from food?

No, slow cooker does not reduce the nutrients from food, in fact in slow cooker the food is cook slowly which helps in maintaining all the good nutrients inside only.

Best slow cooker under $100

Hamilton Beach 8 quart slow cooker
Black+ Decker Digital Slow cooker
Wolf Multi slow cooker
Crock pot Slow Cooker

Why we can’t cook dairy products in slow cooker?

Since, slow cooker cooks food slowly and adding dairy products at starting can make it lumpy and messy. As well it will lost all the proteins.

Does adding alcohol during slow cooking is good?

No, according to food technology and research alcohol like wine must be avoided while preparing food in slow cooker. Because in slow cooking the lid is cover and the wine doesn’t get evaporates which can cause some issues.

What is the basic difference between instant pot and crock pot?

Instant Pot are used for fast cooking in which we can prepare meal fastly.
But on other hand, Crock pot and generally used in slow cooker for slow cooking process

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