Best mini/small coffee maker Review 2021[Buying Guide]

Coffee has become a source of productivity and energy for the people all around the world. Most of the people require coffee first thing in the morning and a bad coffee can easily ruin their day.

This is where the coffee maker appears in the picture.

A coffee maker is an easy and efficient cure for your morning grogginess and midday tiredness.

In this article, we have discussed thoroughly how to choose the best mini/small coffee maker.


Nowadays, no one has the time and energy to head out to Starbucks every time when coffee cravings hit.

A mini coffee maker is a simple solution that enables you to make coffee anywhere, anytime.

A coffee maker is a portable unit which you can take with you anywhere. You can easily set it up in your office or home.

All you need is an electric outlet(in most cases) and you are good to go.

The primary function of a coffee maker is to blend the coffee beans with hot water and extract the flavour.

Then dispatch the resulting fluid in a cup.

All coffee makers may have the same functions, but they differ in the way they carry out these tasks.

There are many factors that distincts a good coffee maker from the bad. Coffee makers come in different sizes and shapes.

Some can make one coffee cup at a time and some are capable of presenting several cups in a matter of seconds.

Some units are independent of electricity and some models demand electricity for their proper functioning.

But the one we are going to discuss is mini coffee maker which is just a compact version of high-end coffee machines.

They pack all the amazing features of their larger counterparts just in smaller tendencies and still manage to accommodate relatively small areas.


  • They are portable.
  • The small coffee maker is extremely easy to set up.
  • They are way cheaper.


  • They aren’t capable of serving more than a few cups in a single cycle.
  • They may not offer the high-end, modern attributes as compared to their larger counterparts.


Thanks to the crazy number of options available online, you can easily get baffled and end up buying a substandard product.

To avoid such mishappening, we have created a checklist for you which depicts the traits that an above-average mini coffee maker must contain.

What about if you can keep your coffee all day warm by using a coffee mug warmer.


Making coffee in a sully and stained coffee maker can tarnish the whole coffee experience.

You also don’t want to wash the coffee maker the second you wake up every morning.

In order to avoid such massive buzzkills, opt for a coffee maker that is easily washable and doesn’t have any sharp edges that require special attention.

So for a hassle-free cleaning experience, go for a coffee maker with less detachable parts so you won’t have to give attention to tiny spots.


You will have to comprehend your requirements before heading out to buy a coffee maker.

Whether you want a coffee maker for just yourself or the whole office. Go for the one which suits your requirements the best.

If you want a coffee maker all for yourself then there is no need to spend lavishly on larger units.

Other than being a strain on your pocket, they are hard to manage as well.


There are two main types of materials available for a coffee maker i.e Thermal or Glass.

We will recommend a Thermal carafe. It will keep your coffee hot for a long period of time without affecting the taste.

But in the case of the Mirror flask, your coffee will remain warm until it is present on the hot plate but it fouls the taste of your coffee.

Also, thermal flasks tend to be more expensive than thermal ones. If you usually drain the coffee in your cup instantly and don,t need to preserve it for an extended period of time, you can go for a coffee maker with a Glass carafe.


Most manufacturers tend to overstate the specs of your coffee maker or don’t bother to state anything at all.

If you go for a product blindly, chances are that you will end up with the wrong one. In online shopping, you don’t have the freedom of testing the product yourself.

This is where Specialty Coffee Association(SCA) appears on the scene. If your product is SCA-certified, you can be sure that you are in safe hands and you will actually receive what you ordered.

SCA is responsible for trial and test all the products.


Size should also be one of your top concerns while shopping for a coffee maker.

Even in the domain of mini coffee makers, you will get a lot of variety to choose from.

There are two main factors to accumulate in order to get your perfect size.

You will have to consider the accommodation that you have available for your coffee maker.

A general room of thumb is to go for the smallest product that has all of your desired characteristics.

Brew size also plays an important role.

Choose the size which is the perfect fit for the cup, pot or any utensil that you are going to spill your coffee in.

An adaptable nozzle will save you from a lot of mess.

Otherwise, you can end up spilling coffee all the way on your table and no one likes the extra burden of cleaning.


After going through an extensive research and testing 11 products, we have found the following 5 products as the finest one.

Bonavita 5-Cup Brewer



SIZE: 12-6-11 inches

CAPACITY: 5 cups

MATERIAL: Stainless steel

INTERFACE: Touchscreen

This is a perfect compact 5 cup coffee maker. Even with 12 inches size, it manages to outperform many large-sized coffee makers.

It can easily brew 5 cups in one go and is ideal for offices and homes where more than one person is dependent on the coffee maker.

With its stainless steel built, it is one of the most durable units and can easily bear a few jerks every now and then.

You can also self-program the whole machine thanks to its digital display.

Its carafe is also composed of stainless steel thermal. Your coffee can easily spend a few hours in it without getting cold.

This model also contains a showerhead which allows the smooth extraction of the coffee from the machine to your cup.


  • Programmable,
  • Can store 5 cups of coffee,
  • Durable,
  • Thermal carafe for prolonged storing.


Weighs a little heavy at almost 5 lbs.

DCM18S Brew ‘n Go




DIMENSIONS:10.2-7-12 inches


This is a perfect personal coffee maker which will prepare your coffee with just a few buttons.

It comes with a stainless steel cup that can easily fill up 0.5 litres of coffee.

The cup is also stainless steel with thermal protection to keep the coffee warm.

You can take the coffee and head out to the work. This cup can perfectly fit in your car holder so don’t worry about spilling it upon yourself.

It also comes with permanent filters so you don’t have to waste your time every time you brew coffee by changing filters.


  • Comes with a personal, good-to-go cup.
  • Perfect for a single serving.
  • Stainless steel makes its way durable.
  • Permanent filter.


  • Doesn’t comprise a modern touchscreen interface.

 Beach 49981A


INTERFACE: Button operated.

MATERIAL: Stainless steel.

CAPACITY: Single cup

SIZE: 8.3-6.8-8.9 inches

Its most amazing feature is its auto shutdown. Now you won’t have to worry about shutting it off as it is capable of this itself.

Its extra large size gives you the freedom of choosing the utensil of your choice. You don’t have to worry about spilling it as it consists of a wider tray.


  • Allows you to use any cup you like.
  • Amazing feature of auto shut down.
  • Fast brewing rate. Can brew an 8 ounce cup in less than 2 minutes.
  • Durable.


  • Tends to under heat the coffee.

Brentwood Single Cup Coffee Maker

Key features

INTERFACE: Button enabled

SIZE:8-6-8 inches


CAPACITY: Single cup

With its astonishing design and mechanism, this coffee maker is a treat for both eyes and tongue.

Its futuristic design appears as something straight out of the movie.

It is also very easy to clean. All of its parts can be separated so you can reach every corner and spot without any hassle.

It also consists of a small drip tray which can handle minor spills.

The filters in this product are reusable and you can use them for extended periods of time.

This is also a one-go product that fulfils all of your coffee needs in a single unit.


  • Convenient to use in small setups.
  • Perfect for a single person.
  • A hassle-free experience.
  • Reusable coffee filter.


  • Can only fit a specific size of cup.

Brillante BR-CP1-350


: Glass

CAPACITY: Single cup

SIZE: 4.8×3.2×6.7 inches

This is the only manual coffee maker in our list.

The biggest positive point of this system is the impressive filters that keep the coffee grounds separated and extracts the oil giving it a more raw taste.

It mashes the coffee to such an extent that it appears as a constituent of the water.

With its sleek and compact design, it is also completely portable.

You can take it anywhere you want and can brew your coffee even inside the car.

It is completely manual so you don’t need any electric source. It is best suited if you frequently head out to the wild where there is no power source.


  • Can be taken anywhere.
  • Cleaning is not an issue too.
  • No grinding sound.
  • Very small in size. CAn be set up and used literally anywhere.


  • Glass is tough but doesn’t hold a candle in front of stainless steel.


There are thousands of options available when it comes to a coffee maker.

That’s why we decided to create a one-stop article to guide on what to and what not to do while choosing a coffee maker.

We also provided you with the best options available in the market which are trial and tested by our research team to save you from the hassle of checking their reviews online.

We hope by now, all of your queries regarding a coffee maker are satisfied.



The average lifespan varies from product to product. All of the products listed above have a minimum life span of 5 years.
If you take care of them, they can last as long as 10 years and more. At the end, it depends upon your usage and management of the unit.


Ideally, you will have to wash your coffee at least once in two days. It all depends upon your utility. You may have to wash it every day if the coffee is present in the coffee maker for an extended period of time. Coffee tastes the best when all of its ingredients are fresh.
And if you don’t wash your coffee maker, it can result in clogging of the drains which compromise the water supply.


It is recommended to turn off the coffee maker when not in use. As extensive heating, other than being a wastage of energy also over evaporates the water from coffee which leaves behind a thick residue. Over-heating also blackens the base.

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