Best Single Door Mini Refrigerator | Top Mini fridge detailed review

  • Buying a Mini Refrigerator will be the good option?
  • Are you a Mid night snacker?
  • Do you also looking to buy a mini fridge of single door for your dorm?
  • Are struggling to find best Mini Refrigerator having single door?

All this questions are running in your mind RIGHT !!!

One think I remember when I was in college and we have very small rooms, since I used to live in Hostel room that time.

I always wanted to purchase a Small size Refrigerator for me because I love cold drinks and cold coffee.

And in hostels !!! You know guys the condition of hostels.

Me and my 2 friends have decided to buy Mini Single door Refrigerator on rent, but the condition of Single door Mini Fridge was not good.

Then we have purchased the Mini Refrigerator finally in a good price.

And seriously friends for compact space the mini refrigerator is best option to purchase.

Even small families or those who live alone in apartment can buy this Refrigerator of small size.

So guys in this article I will be giving all the answers about the Mini Fridge also reviewed some best amongst all mini fridge to get rid of confusion.

Where we Can use Mini Refrigerator?

Portable Mini Refrigerator of Single door can be used in various spaces and for multi purpose.

Below is the list where you can check the use of Mini Refrigerator .

Places where mini refrigerator fit perfetctly

Mini Refrigerator for Office

Now in today’s living culture all have gone busy in their schedules and to take time for food is tough.

Because we have struck in daily emails, phone calls and file.

But Mini Fridge will be the best option for such office people who can easily grab the food whenever they need.

No need to walk towards the canteen or wait for break time. Just simply open the small size Mini Fridge and have a meal anytime.

I n many office they facilities have been provided if not you can do for yourself.

Mini Refrigerator for Dorms

From my experience it is best for Dorm rooms. Because you have minimum space and you can’t keep large size of fridge.

Because in may hostels and boarding schools we can say, the space is so compact and Mini Refrigerator will be the best one to purchase for such places.

Mini Refrigerator for Skincare Products

Best for keeping the skincare products because there are many products which have to be keep in cool place.

You can see Mini Fridge in parlour, they keep the skincare products in that. Since Mini Refrigerator i is portable and very easy to travel.

You can use in vanity vans or keeping the stuffs like sheet masks, creams, moisturizer etc.

Mini Refrigerators for Garage

Garage having a Mini Refrigerator sounds so good. And yes, there are people who use the Mini Fridge For Garage.

To keep the water bottles, some fruits or snacks .

Since it needs small space and easy to carry and shift anywhere.

Mini Refrigerators for Small Parties

The best for small parties or small gate together. You can use to keep the beverages cold or some soft drinks.

Mini Refrigerator is best to use in  such places which can be easily handle and it can store many things like some bottles or food, snacks.

What are the size and types of Mini Refrigerators?

Basically when it comes about the Mini Refrigerator we all think it would be a mini sized.

But no, even though it is Mini but it is also available in different size and shapes.

Below I have listed the Types of Mini Refrigerators check the details.

  • Under Counter  Mini Refrigerator 

It is mostly used Mini Refrigerators in may kitchens it would be 33-34 inches tall, that can be easily fit under the kitchen counter.

Under – the- counter Refrigerator comes in small and large size also. The large one can be used in kitchens having large space.

It can be available in single door as well as Double door.

But Single door Mini Refrigerator is best as it is easy to use and gives the storage space more.

  • Cube Shape Mini Refrigerators

Generally the small shape Mini Refrigerators comes in cubic shape which is easy to handle and fit in small space.

 It’s dimensions will be 17 -19 inches tall and which is perfect for the compact t space.

Cube shape Mini Refrigerators of Single door are mainly used in dorms or small kitchens.

Because they have space issues and it’s better to use the things which are compact and comfortable according to the space.

Cube sized Mini Refrigerators can be place under the counter, on tables, desk, countertop. It is travel friendly and easy to handle.

  • Mid-Size Mini Refrigerators

Mid Size fridge is can be keep in bedrooms, offices, under table or desk. Because of it’s compact size it is easy to fit in place.

The dimension of the Mid size Refrigerators would be 23-24 inches and it is pretty good.

They will be great to use and store the food and it comes in cube size or shape also.

What can we keep in Mini Refrigerators?

Many have question about keeping the stuff in Mini Refrigerators.

But guys it’s like a Refrigerator only difference is quantity of keeping.

Because it is small in size and you can keep the minimum stuffs like some soft drinks bottles, beer cans.

Some fruits or snacks water bottles and many more things .But remember don’t keep pizza, burgers, sandwich all this things more than 3-4 days.  

Pro's and Con's of mini refrigerator


  • Space saver Refrigerator, don’t require much space.
  • Compact in Size.
  • Portable and travel friendly.
  • At cheap price to afford.
  • Available in many shape and sizes.
  • Easy to store and use.


  • Small storage.
  • Cannot store large amount of items.
  • Not for big families. 

How Much space Mini Refrigerator Require?

Does mini Fridge takes lot of space? 

This question have arise in your mind while purchasing the Mini Refrigerator .

But don’t worry at all , this type of Refrigerator does not occupy much space .

This is the reason why it is called as Mini Refrigerator which is usually in compact size and shape.

Things to know before buying Mini Refrigerators

There are certain points that you should keep inj mind while purchasing the mini refrigerator.

  • Place to keep

First of all you need to decide where you are going to keep the mini refrigerators this is because there are many mini fridge that can be kept on desk.

Some of them fits on countertop or many of them can be keep next to any furniture.

So decide the spot or room for which you are going to purchase the mini refrigerators.

  • Cooling system of Mini Refrigerator

There are many eye catching mini fridges which will grab your attention but the most important point is Cooling system.

Below are types of cooling system that you must notice while purchasing the mini fridge.

  • Compressor Cooling System

It is traditional cooling system which is mainly available in long refrigerators.

It mainly vaporised the liquid to keep cold by using the fan which moves through coils inside.

It will be best for keeping the wines and beers in fridges because of its compressor system.

  • Absorption Cooling System

It best mini refrigerator for dorm rooms and place where you need silence because it depends on source of heat than motor.

And it’s not energy efficient .

  • Thermoelectric Cooling system

Mini Refrigerator having thermoelectric cooling system is best for dorm rooms because it has small settings , cheaper and quiet.

It does  not offer many temperature controlling options.

Is it Worth buying the Mini Refrigerators

Yes Mini Refrigerator are worth buying it.

It has many advantages to buy the mini fridge and those who are looking to buy and are confused about the mini refrigerator then I have discuss the points above read it.

But my suggestion will be, first look for the necessity .

For what and why you want and then purchase it.

It is easy to use, compact and portable, can be used for outdoors also, it will give a commodious look to kitchen, use for office and in cars .

Many benefits and small in size easy to handle and travel friendly.

Best Mini Refrigerators of Single Door to buy in 2020

Below is the Top Single Door Mini Refrigerator listed check for more details.

  • Astro AI Mini Fridge 4/6 Liter
  • Portable AC/DC Thermoelectric System       Cooler and warmer.
  • Best for car, office, Dorms.
  • Available in different colours and size.
  • The mini fridge keeps the food items            warm but it does not heat up cold items.
  • Travel friendly and easy to use.
  • Skincare products can be kept in it.
  • •	Astro AI Mini Fridge 4/6 Liter
    • Haier 2.7 CU Refrigerator/Freezer
    • The fridge can hold 2 litre water bottles.
    • Thermostat can be adjust.
    • Leveling Legs can also be adjust.
    • It has Flat back design.
    • It has door storage shelf.
    •	Haier 2.7 CU Refrigerator/Freezer
    • Black + Decker Compact Single Door Refrigerator
    • It is 2.5 cubic feet refrigerator.
    • It has 2 full width glass and door shelves.
    • Leveling legs and thermostat can be adjust.
    • It also have freezer compartment with ice tray.
    • Available in 3 different colours.
    • Compact size best for home , offices, dorms .
    •  Easy to use and travel friendly.
    • Smad 1.7 cu Single Door Mini Fridge
  • Very smart and quiet fridge.
  • Thermostat and light is available which        helps in temperature controlling.
  • Shelf can be adjust.
  • It has reversible door hinge which                 means it has left and right opening.
  • It is compact in size which is best for            dorm and apartments.
  • Lock system is also there.
  • •	Smad 1.7 cu Single Door Mini Fridge
    • Proctor Silex 1.7cu Single Door Mini Refrigerator
    • It is 1.7 cu compact size fridge which can be fit anywhere.
    • It has Reversible Door Hinge which can be open from left and right side.
    • Inside light is given.
    • One glass shelf is given which can be adjustable.
    • Door shelf is given in which water bottles can be kept.
    • Thermostat can be adjust.
    • Best for the garage use, for students living in hostels, office, dorms.
    • Easy to handle and clean.


    What are the things that I can put in mini fridge?

    Everything you can place in mini refrigerator like snacks, small bottles, fruits, vegetables. But the only thing is in mini fridge small amount of food items can be store.

    Mini Refrigerator is best to buy or not?

    If you have small or compact space and you want a fridge which takes the minimum space and can be move freely, then mini refrigerator will be the best option to buy.

    We can use in small apartments, dorms, office and easy to use and travel friendly.

    Can we keep beauty products in mini fridge?

    Yes, there are many mini refrigerator in which beauty products or skincare products can be keep.

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