Best under counter microwave oven reviews 2021

Searching for the best Under the counter microwave oven for your kitchen.

Confuse which under cabinet microwave oven will be the best . So guys, you are at the right place.

In this article I will be discussing on the best microwave oven under counter and reviewing the best under cabinet ovens.

But guys, before starting there are some queries that I want to ask you.

You want to purchase a microwave oven? Which type of microwave oven will be best?

Best microwave oven which requires less space?  What is the use of microwave oven?

Why I want to ask this questions guys, because whenever we plan to purchase some thing for our home and specially for kitchen.

Then this small questions must come to your mind.

When we are clear about what we want and why we want, then it becomes easy to purchase.

Talking about the under counter microwave ovens, then why only under counter oven must buy? What is the reason behind purchasing the Microwave Under Counter?

Starting from basic, Microwave is the most important tool in every one’s kitchen now a days.

Microwave is one of the most awesome invention by the human because it reduces many work load and specially for office going peoples.

After a hectic schedule in office no one have stamina to heat the food and eat it. In that case microwave plays the very prominent role.

And about the space, we all can’t deny that ovens take lots of space on countertop or tabletop.

The huge size of microwave oven occupies the area that it becomes difficult to handle the work and we faces many issues.

Let’s discuss the basic questions and I hope it will be beneficial to all.

What is Under Counter Microwave Oven?

Under counter microwave oven are those which are fitted under cabinet in order to minimize the space on countertop.

Small Under counter microwave are mainly used in kitchens having small space and mainly in apartments.

What is the use of Under Cabinet Microwave oven?

Talking about the use of Under counter microwave oven then there are many. If you have a big family in that case microwave oven will be the best option.

Not just it helps in cooking the food but it also enhance the look of your kitchen.

If you live in apartments then small under cabinet microwave oven will be most useful . Anyone who comes to your apartment find it very attractive and stylish.

Because in apartments the countertops have small size and in that huge size of microwave oven will covers the maximum area.

Under counter microwave are generally used for cooking food or heating up, the only difference is they are kept under cabinet.

How much space does Under counter microwave oven takes ?

What about a microwave oven occupies enough space on tabletop or countertop?

Because many microwaves are huge in size and covers the maximum area on countertop, which becomes very difficult to work.

What if your microwave can be fitted under cabinet?

Doesn’t it sounds great!!

You will have the maximum space on countertop to work as well as no space issues.

It doesn’t occupies much space but it depends on which model you are buying and its dimensions.

But usually under cabinet ovens are of standard size which easily gets fitted.

It is a space saver microwave under cabinet.

Why I should buy the under cabinet microwave oven?

Why you should purchase the under cabinet microwave for your kitchen?

This question will definitely comes to mind.

From my experience I will say those who live in small apartments or like to have free space in kitchen then they must go for it.

Because we all know that there are number of kitchen tools which we use in kitchen and all requires the space to keep.

But talking about microwave which are huge in size and takes lots of space.

And if microwave is occupying the atmost space then what about others?

In such cases the under counter microwave are best to purchase. Since it gets fitted under your cabinet and release the countertop space.

In addition it is very friendly to use and operate under cabinet and intensify the look of your kitchen.

In apartments it’s best you have under counter ovens. I assure you people will guarantee get attracted to your kitchen.

Even though it has some disadvantages but there is no kitchen tool which don’t have con’s. It’s all upto you how well you can use it.

Is it worth buying the Microwave of Under Counter?

  Under counter microwave is worth buying product for those who want there tabletop to be free from tools and need extra space on countertop.

Under counter Microwave oven takes the less space as well as microwave drawers are also available which will help in extra storage.                                         

Pro’s and Con’s of Under counter Microwave Oven


  • It’s a space saving microwave oven
  • Countertop is free to use
  • Easy to use
  • Gives stylish and elegant look to your kitchen 


  • Difficult for old people to use
  • Need to bend which will be painful for those who have knee or back problem
  • Children can misuse it
  • Children safety must be there

Top Rated Under counter Microwave oven reviews 2020

Confused while purchasing the under counter microwave ovens, since there are so many choices available in market but which one to buy?

To help you we have listed the best under the counter microwave . Look below read the features and buy to make your kitchen look more stylish and reduce the work load.

panasonic microwave

Panasonic 1.2 cu ft Under counter Microwave oven

  • Panasonic microwave oven with air fryer, convection baking.
  • It’s a stainless steel 4 in 1 microwave oven
  • Panasonic microwave is a inverter microwave and broiler system is also available
  • Design is sleek and space saving microwave oven
Farberware microwave

Farberware  Professional 1.2 cu ft Under cabinet microwave oven

  • Farberware is smart stainless steel microwave oven
  • It has 10 power levels which    helps in cooking smartly and fastly
  • LED display, kitchen timer and clock is available which helps in cooking the food in accurate period of time
  • Stylish and elegant design
  • It has smart sensor which automatically monitors the temperature and steam coming
  • Easy to clean and needs less space
Toshiba  microwave

Toshiba 1.2 cu ft Microwave oven 

  • Toshiba is black stainless steel microwave oven with inverter technology
  • It has LCD display and smart sensor is available
  • Inverter technology helps in heating as well as defrosting
  • Smart sensor which have 5 menus
  • It’s a energy saving microwave oven
  • 10 power level buttons are available

FAQ About Under Counter Microwave Oven

Can you put countertop microwave in a cabinet?

Yes, why not you can use the countertop microwave oven under your cabinet by simply fitting and installing under counter

What is the difference between the countertop and under counter microwave oven?

Countertop microwave oven are those which are kept on counter or tabletop.

But under counter microwave oven are fixed under cabinet which release the space on tabletop.

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