Top 5 ways to clean your refrigerator | Best 5 ways how to clean fridge

In your daily life kitchen activities, refrigerators need to take part in many important roles. So much use can also damage the lifetime duration when you will never take proper care while clean the refrigerator.

If you need to get fresh food flavor with the new look of Frizer, you just need to know the proper cleaning process of your refrigerator. The trend of our holiday is to cook something very special.

Extra preparation means extra leftover outside & inside of the refrigerator. Your everyday milk jugs or the eggs carton can also create stains or odor inside your refrigerator. 

Some facts about cleaning the refrigerator

The sanity fact of your kitchen appliance is a major issue to feel the freshness in the kitchen. It is not possible to take a deep cleaning of the refrigerator like our daily live action.

But deep cleaning is mandatory within 10/15 days. Or the stains, scratches, the odor can be a fixed issue & the Condenser, Compressor, Capillary tube & other important parts of your refrigerator can be damaged gradually.

Readout this whole content to get a proper idea of cleaning the refrigerator & other related issues.

For the house owner, the basement is a major part to arrange all required furniture and take proper cleaning steps. If you are using your basement as a guest corner, party room, or a child corner, then you should also set up a basement refrigerator there.

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To store food items & other minerals, a basement refrigerator is mandatory. Running from the basement to the main floor only to have some drinks or food items is really very painful & a time-killing task. Visit this link to get all ideas about the best basement refrigerators: Best Basement Refridgerator

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5 major actions of deep cleaning your refrigerator

The majority think that deep cleaning will take a huge time to finish all over. No, it depends on how frequently you are cleaning your refrigerator.

If you are cleaning your refrigerator instantly after every use, then the loose dirt or stain will be removable easily. Here we have listed Top 5 ways to clean your refrigerator. 

1. Take out all Food Items, shelves & drawers of the fridge

Never try to force remove the frozen items stored in your refrigerator. If you feel that the fridge is overloaded with ice & nearly impossible to remove all frozen items with light force, then you should turn off the main switch of the fridge.

Open the fridge door & leave on that condition for 1 hour or 30 minutes. If it is winter then the ice will take more time for melting. Remove things with extra force from your refrigerator can damage the fridging capacity. 

First, you should free up a place to keep all the food items. Make sure the place is close enough to the refrigerator & you can easily move all your fridge stored items there.

It should be neat and clean to place the food items. Better you can also place a corner table to keep the frozen items. A larger size bowl can be a better option also. After removing all food items, fishes, meat, & others, take out the shelves & drawers.

2. Cleaning the Interior & exterior design of the fridge

In some refrigerators, you can’t remove the shelves & drawers. For those internal compartments & shelves use baking soda with water. The ratio should be 1:7.

Beware of using any chemical while you are cleaning the refrigerator. The chemical scent transfers into the stored food items. Which can be responsible for food poisoning.

Use the toothpick or toothbrush to reach out all corners & narrow places. Where the cloth or hand is not able to work out, you can use this little hardware to clean every single space.

Making your exterior sparkling is very easy. Spray the cleaner all over the exterior design & wipe it out with a soft garments cloth. Make sure the cloth is soft enough to wipe away the external part of the refrigerator.

Don’t miss the top part of the fridge. Though the dust traffic of the top portion of a fridge is not easy to see. But you should not miss this step. You can place some flower vases or other things on the top of the fridge. 

3. Cleaning Gasket, Coil & Water Dispenser

Pay more attention while you are cleaning the rubber gasket of the fridge door. If you need to keep the same tightness of the gasket then maintain the regular cleaning process of the tight seal with liquid warm water & dish cleaner.

Rinse with gentle water & make it dry softly. Then you can coat the seal with thin petroleum jelly to avoid dryness. 

There are some intense parts in the refrigerator. The coil is one of them. If you can clean your coil, it will run better & will be long lasting. But some of us are not sure about the coil cleaning procedure.

Before you start this step, read carefully the manual of fridge cleaning procedure. Follow that specific manual to clean the coil with the coil brash. 

If you want to enjoy the freshness of your freezing items, water & flavor, take a regular deep cleaning of the water dispenser.

The system of the cleaning process can vary on different models. Learn about the ice maker manual schedule of the filter & others. 

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4. Scrub with mild soup

Now it’s time to scrap the rest of the parts of the refrigerator. Check all over the parts of it. The door’s back parts, drawers, or the outer side of the refrigerator may save some stain or food leftover juice. Clean those with a wet cotton cloth.

Wiping the external parts you can use mild detergent, soap, or another cleaner. You can also add some lemon juice to have a nice natural flavor. Lemon juice also works as a bacteria preventer. 

5. Put Back everything in place

Have you completed all those above steps? Now it’s time to restock all the items in the refrigerator. Here you should not be in a hurry. First, turn on the refrigerator then close the door to make the internal side cool.

Turn off the switch again & wipe down the water drops with a soft cloth. Then put all the food items one by one. Give time to refrigerate the other food items. If you store all the food items at a time, it can create odor. So to avoid that type of smell, store all items slowly. 

Some quick tips:

However, if you think that the refrigerator is very urgent to turn on, then you can avoid the technical parts cleaning. Without proper experience, you should not open or disclose the coin or water dispenser.

If you are not sure to set up the parts successfully, you should not open those parts. If it is a long day, then you can take the help of a refrigerator mechanic. Follow the first time, how he is doing this job. So the next time you will be able to do that activity alone.

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