Countertop or Regular Coffee maker vs Built-in Coffee maker | Comparison

Many of us know the coffee maker but we don’t know actually there are two types of coffee maker in the market. I have explained every single detail about the difference between a countertop or freestanding coffee maker and a built-in coffee maker.

What is a countertop or regular coffee maker?

Countertop coffee maker or freestanding coffee machine is the normal or traditional machine which we used to place on the kitchen platform. There are various coffee machines available by different brands and also it is available in the budget as well.

You might be amazed how these coffee makers are available in the budget? The main reason is more competition in this segment as I already said many brands are into countertop coffee-making machines. Another reason is the functionality and quality of coffee machines.

What is the built-in coffee maker?

The built-in coffee maker is the one recently designed stylishly to make your kitchen stylish. It got named built-in as it gets fitted into the furniture wall.

With the help of a slider, you can also pull it to refill coffee beans or water and it’s up to the brands because few brands keep a water container on the front. You may get all the functionality and features of a built-in coffee maker in a countertop as well. But built-in coffee makers are mostly to look elegant and modern kitchen.

Difference between Countertop and built-coffee makers

Till here I hope you got the idea about at least what is the countertop and built-in coffee machines. Now let’s see the broader comparison or what makes this coffee maker different.

Coffee maker vs built-in coffee maker difference

Pricing :

One of the biggest differences is the pricing of both coffee machines. Countertop machines are basically available with a less to high price range depends on the brand and features of the coffee machine.

Whereas built-in coffee machine mostly comes with fully automatic or with the premium features this is the reason it gets higher in pricing. Also, it is larger in size as compared to the countertop.

Design :

Countertop coffee machines model is available from basic look design to the premium look. It has lots of variety from small to large in size.

Built-in coffee makers have a glass or stainless steel on the front of the machine to look good. Horizontally larger in size or wide in size.

Features and functionality :

There are lots of differences in the features of these machines. The major difference is the capacity of the water tank, brewing time, grinding technique.

As size of the countertop is less so it has less capacity water tank as compared to the built-in.

Capacity :

The capacity of the countertop is lesser and of course, it is valid as well because it is designed in that way. Countertop has around 1 to 1.4 liters of water or milk container.

Whereas built-in has 1.8 to 2.5 liter of the water tank. Which is sufficient for brew whole day coffee.

Brewing time :

It is not like the countertop has less brewing time if you go for a good high-range coffee maker then they have come with faster brewing time as well.

e.g. wolf gourmet coffee maker – This is a countertop machine from a wolf that can brew 4 cups of coffee within 7 minutes.

But again built-in coffee maker has some features which not only brew coffee in less time but also it can brew and dispense 2-cups of coffee simultaneously. It’s amazing right!!!

Electronic panel :

Both coffee machines may be available in the electronic panel but there is a slight difference as you might see a touch button panel in the built-in coffee machine but knobs and push buttons used in the countertop coffee maker.

Unit Size :

Countertop and built-in both have different dimensions. The countertop machine can be available for smaller space as well as larger space because such machines are there. Some countertop machines designed for commercial use also.

LCD Screen:

Very few of countertop has LCD screen on their front panel but almost all of the built-in coffee machine has LCD screen rather say it makes the rich and elegant look.

Grinding (whole bean or ground coffee):

Built-in machines have both the option to pour the coffee beans or pre-ground coffee to brew the coffee. Whereas countertop may not have both options available mostly it comes with one of them either with coffee beans or pre-ground coffee.

Which is the best countertop coffee maker or built-in?

There is no standard available to know which coffee maker is the best amongst built-in and countertop. But I would say it’s upto your requirement and purpose of use. First you should be clear with your purpose do you need it for your home or office.

If you are looking for stylish, high standard and fully automated coffee machine then built in coffee maker might be best choice for you.

If you have very little space in your kitchen then there is no point in purchasing a built-in coffee maker. You should rather go for a small countertop coffee machine.

As built-in coffee makers mostly available in fully automated and high-end functionality so they are expensive and some people have their own budget then in this case also countertop is the best option to buy.

Bye the way coffee maker is coffee maker only difference is our choice, preference and requirement. So be flexible check which coffee maker is best match your requirement then only go for it.

Comparison between the countertop and built-in coffee machine

Countertop coffee machineBuilt-in coffee machine
It’s a freestanding coffee machine that sits properly on the kitchen platform.A built-in coffee maker needs to be only fit inside furniture and on the slider.
Water container capacity is lesser as compared to built-in.Good capacity of the water container more than sufficient for one day
Traditional lookModern look
Good brewing timeFast brewing time
Only a few high-end models can dispense two cups of coffee at a timeCan dispense 2-cup coffee simultaneously with the help of two coffee spout
Small or large both options availableA small built-in coffee maker is so rare to find
Smart or wifi connectivity coffee maker are very lessMost of the coffee maker has wifi and app connectivity which make it smart

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Best Countertop or tabletop coffee machines

Let’s see some examples and basic features of countertop coffee maker

Cuisinart SS-15P1 Coffee Center 12-Cup Coffeemaker

Size of machine : 10.13 x 10.38 x 14.25 inches

Weight of this machine: 12.2 pound

It is a 12-cup coffeemaker and has a single-serve brewer. This coffeemaker comes with a reusable home barista-style cup so you can brew your favorite coffee using the coffee ground through a single-serve brewer.

Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker

As I have already mentioned that we have lots of option in tabletop coffee maker as this hamilton beach is 2 way with 12-cup coffee machine. You can also get 4-cup or 6-cup machine.

Size of machine : 13.69 x 11.44 x 15.44 inches

Weight of this machine: 1.92 ounce


Programmable function: Set up the 24 hour advance time to brew your by using its timer and clock setting. Set the program for morning coffee and wake up with the hot coffee daily.

2-way brewing: It’s your choice that which way you want to brew from left side you can brew with barista cup and at the middle it has normal coffee spout.

Brew strength options: It has brewing strength we can set the coffee strength from regular or bold.

Best built-in coffee machines

Bosch Built-In Coffee Machine with 12 Modes


  • This is bosch built-in coffee machine it has 14 modes for brewing coffee. You can prepare espresso, cappuccino, latte, etc
  • Bosch coffee maker is a totally smart and remote monitored built-in machine. You can keep track of machines from the bosch home connect app.
  • You can prepare your favorite coffee in professional style with the one-touch button. Stainless steel is used for the front panel look.
  • Consistent temperature functionality.
  • Childproof locking system.

Miele CVA6401 Built-in Coffee Machine

Miele CVA6401 coffee maker has system lock functionality to avoid unintended use.

Water container capacity is around 2.3 liters which can be served for 15 people.

Direct sensor control panel

Can make two different coffee drinks at the same time. Which leads to make coffee makers performance fast and efficient.

Upto 10 different user profiles will be saved for different preference of family members.

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Conclusion :

Countertop / tabletop / freestanding coffee maker or built-in coffee maker these are only two types of coffee makers and I have already explained their features, functionality, pricing, comparison, and difference.

Both this type of coffee makers have their own benefits but I would say both make coffee as expected. The only difference is the look and space management.

Some people may like the countertop coffee makers and some will love the stylish built-in coffee makers.

There are various differences in these types about their features but if you want to purchase then check your requirement and buy it accordingly.


Which types of coffeef maker available in market?

Countertop coffee maker
Under cabinet or mountable coffee maker
Built-in coffee maker

Which coffee maker is more expensive built-in or countertop?

Mostly built in coffee machines are expensive as compared to countertop.

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