Cuisinart Mini Food Processor Review | Best Mini Food Processor [2020]

Hi Guys if you are looking for the mini food processor for your Home kitchen and wanted to reduce the work load in Kitchen department and save time, then I am going to help in finding the Best Cuisinart Mini Food Processor.

But before that let’s know that the Cuisinart is the famous American Home Appliance Brand. You can find all the Cuisinart Brand products related to Home. In this article we will be discussing the complete details on the Small Food Processor.

Mini Food Processor is a small version of Food Processor , which is easy to handle and requires very small space.

Mini food processor helps to prepare small portion food in very less period of time. It performs all the functions that a Big Food Processor does ,the only difference is the quantity it carries.

Now a days people finds the easy way to do work and mini food processor will be the best choice for those who have less space in kitchen or having Small Family and it performs the various tasks like cutting, chopping, grinding quickly and it is very easy to handle.

Use of Cuisinart Mini Food Processor

Those who have small family they can easily use the Cuisinart  Mini prep Food Processor to prepare the meal.

 If you are one of them people who want to prepare food quick and in less time then you will definitely require the Cuisinart  food processor mini .

Small Food Processor helps in cutting the veggies or fruits for salad or making some sauces.

The main aim of buying the mini food processor is that , it is travel friendly and very handy to use.

You don’t require massive space to keep the mini food processor. And Mini Cuisinart Food processors are very easy to clean don’t take must time for cleaning.

Things to Make in Mini Food Processor

Everything you can make in mini food processor from Hummus to seasoning, dressing, pasta sauces, Dips, Gravy etc. The old past days have gone where you have to cut , chops the veggies to prepare food and spend more time in kitchen.

Now the modern Technology have made the work so easy that you require only some time to make the whole meal quickly.

Early we have to chop the onions, garlic, ginger etc ingredients to make the food but now it is highly recommended that everyone must have a mini food processor in their kitchen.

What is the Basic Difference Between Mini Food Processor and Regular Food Processor?

The compact size food processor is very good for mini kitchens as it takes small space but on the other hand the Big Size Food Processors needs more space to keep.

Mini Food Processor is very easy to clean and free to carry anywhere but Large Food Processors take time to clean .

Mini Food Processor is good for making small meals and helps in preparing the dinner/lunch for limited members in family in very less time.

Mini Food Processor Performs all the functions that a Food Processor does like cutting, chopping, grinding, mixing, making dips, sauces and many more functions.

How Does Cuisinart Mini Food Processor Work? 

Cuisinart Mini Food processors works for cutting, chopping or grinding the large food particle into small pieces. From my personal experience I love using the mini food processors in daily basis.

Each particular buttons in Cuisinart Mini Food Processors performs their individual tasks. If you want to chop the herbs, garlic or any other soft materials you have to use the specific button.

For grinding Condiments or beans you have to make use of particular function button. Before putting any food materials in Mini Food Processors Cuisinart you have to cut down the vegetables or fruits or anything into some pieces otherwise it will get struck.

Pros and Cons of Cuisinart Mini Food Processors

Advantage and Disadvantage of cuisinart food processor given below

Pro’s of Mini Food Processor

  • Mini Food Processor easy to clean/ wash and very  handy.
  • It acquires less space in your kitchen.For small members of family it is best option to use.
  • Performs all the functions for preparing a perfect meal.
  • Safe the time and Work Load.

Con’s of Mini Food Processor

  • Not for big families.
  • Takes time if preparing the meal for more than 10-15 people at a time.

Things You should keep in mind while purchasing the Mini Food Processors

Food Processors is very essential in every kitchen and it can’t be purchased every single time, so it’s better to buy the best food processor.

So, guys if you are struggling or have any queries while purchasing the Mini prep food processors then don’t need to worry , we have provided some very useful information that you should keep in our mind while purchasing the Food Processor.


Quantity of Food

First of all you should know that for how many people you want to buy a food processor because if your family is big then you need to buy a big Size Food Processors more than (14 cups) or if you family is small then you can easily purchase a Mini Food Processor.



The most important thing is space, if your kitchen is small or you are living in a small apartments where the space is not that much then i personally recommend you to purchase the Mini Food Processor.

Because it takes very little space and easy to shift anywhere. But if you kitchen have very large space and you have more space for keeping the extra stuff then you must buy a Big Food Processor.



The very essential point for all the people who love cooking food but when it comes for cleaning utensils it becomes tuff for them. Mini Food Processors is very easy to clean as compare to big one.


So, from my point of view if you are one of them who are busy in other work and need quick and easy tools in your kitchen then go for Mini Food Processor.

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List of Top Cuisinart Mini Food Processor

1. Cuisinart Mini Food Processor 4-Cup

My Review on Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Food Processor

Overall the Product is good the only thing is it make very loud noise while grinding. Smaller in size , nice for small kitchens and easy to clean.

  1. Cuisinart Mini Prep-Plus 4 cup Food processor carries the 4 cup capacity in the bowl.
  2. It is perfect for  preparing small portion of food, chopping, grinding etc.
  3. Cuisinart Mini prep food processor has Auto Reversing Smart Blade which make the food processor versatile. Since it is Auto Reverse it means when it is in Chop function it spins in one way and when it is in Grind function it spins in opposite way.
  4. Soft as well as Hard food materials can be used in it.
  5. It has Stainless Steel Blade with two Function keys ie. Chop and Grind.
  6. Chop Function is used to blend the soft food like herbs, garlic etc while the grind function helps in processing the harder things like species and nuts.
  7. The lid has two holes for pouring the oil or water while making liquids.

2. Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep  Plus Food Processor

MY Review on Cusinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor

If you are looking for a good Mini Food Processor for chopping or making puree or sauces then I will recommend you Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Food Processor. 

cuisinart abc

    But for Grinding the spices or any other hard material this doesn’t work properly. The cinnamon or fennel seeds are not properly grinded you have to spin the blade for more time that makes the Food Processor slightly hot. So for chopping it works good but grinding function not works properly.

  1. Performs the multi task functions like Grinding, chopping, emulsifying, puree etc.
  2. Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Food Processor the Auto reverse Smart Power blade with sharp blade which helps in chopping the herbs, onion, garlic etc.
  3. Blunt Edge function is used to grind the hard foods.
  4. Requires small space and easy to clean.
  5. Lid contains 2 holes from which you can pour the oil or water.

3. Cuisinart DLC-2A Mini Prep Plus Food Processor

My Review on Cuisinart DLC-2A Mini Prep Food Processor

The Machine is nice compact size not too big or small. Fits in my small kitchens. It basically spins in two directions chop and grind. While chopping the sharp blade spins and for grinding blunt side spins. Baby food can also be made from this food processor.

  1. Great do to mini handy food prep task everyday, it has generous work bowl so that you can do the small patch of work easily.
  2. It is perfect for chopping nuts, herbs, onions and small patches of making hummus or purees.
  3. It has two small holes on the top which is great for adding oil , water while making some liquid.
  4. For chopping soft food materials used Chop function and for Hard Food use the Grind Function Button.
  5. Easy to handle and takes small space in kitchen.

4. Cuisinart Manual Mini Food Processor

Cuisinart Manual Mini Food Processor

Small in size and easy to handle this manual food processor.It has fine and sharp blades which helps in chopping veggies.

  1. Cuisinart Manual Mini Food Processor is easy to handle and small in size.
  2. Mini Cuisinart Food Processor contains 3 Sharp blades which helps in chopping the food materials.
  3. It is simple to operate by Pull Cord function.
  4. The container is of plastic and easy to wash.
  5. Clean by using hand and needs small space to keep.
  6. Travel friendly product.
  7. 2.5 cup capacity it can hold.

Is it Worth Buying a Cuisinart Mini Food Processor?

From my point of view I will definitely recommend this product. Those who want to buy a mini size food processor they can go for this one. It is easy to clean and needs small space and for small families this one will be the good option.

Chopping Functions works very best in Cuisinart Mini Food Processor, reduces the work load also. Grinding function is not that much great but overall it will be worth buying it.

FAQ about mini food procedure

How to make Dough in Cuisinart Food Processor?

  • Basically for preparing a dough in a Cuisinart Food Processor you will required the basic ingredients like Flour, water, oil, salt or butter. The dough can be made in 8 cup or more food processor.
  • Next you have to put the flour and salt in the bowl and close the lid and mix them in low speed ,after that put butter in it .Now slowly add water and spin the blade slowly.
  • Add some water if needed and take out in bowl and knead it properly Your dough is ready by using Cuisinart Food processor.
  • How do you dice with Cuisinart Food Processor?

    When it comes for dicing the veggies or fruits the Cuisinart Food Processor performs the function very good. With the help of Chop Function button you can dice the food. Before putting the food materials in the bowl cut the portions into 3-4 parts which will dice properly.

    How to use Cuisinart 7 cup Food Processor?

  • Cuisinart 7 cup Food processor comprises of three function buttons ON OFF and Pause. The pause button is used by press and hold to check whether the food material is chopping evenly or when you need to add some elements into it.
  • It consists of small tube which hel[ps in emulsifying or whenever  you want to add some liquid while chopping or grinding.
  • S Chopping Blade is used for chopping the herbs, garlic, onions, making any puree for soups or sauces.
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