Kitchenaid vs Cuisinart Mini Food Processor : Which One to Buy [Review]

When it comes to the Kitchen Products we all search for the better Food Processor that will make our work load minimum. We all Probably look for such Food Processor which can perform all the multitask like grinding, chopping, mixing etc.

We all need a versatile Food Processor that could blend it, makes juices , purees and sauces. Obviously we search for such food processor that would last long.

In market there are many food processor available, but while purchasing the food processor we all get confused. Whether this brand is better or the other one?  Does Mini Food Processor will be the good option to buy? Mini Food Processor can perform all task?

So guys, in this post we will be discussing on two brands Kitchenaid and Cuisinart Mini Food Processor. The two most better brand Food Processor  in the market will be compared here so that it will be easy to purchase the Mini Food Processor.

What makes the Mini Food Processor good than a big food processor? Which one will be better? All this questions that are running your mind will be discussed in deep and details.

Below we have done the comparison of two brands on the basis buyer’s guide and the reviews.

Why You should buy a Mini Food Processor?

We all search for the Mini food Processor, but have you ever think why should i buy a mini food processor than a big food processor? Some may have solution for this but those who don’t know the answer, let me clear the basic point here.

Before purchasing the food processor you should have a clear idea about your kitchen, if you kitchen is small/ congested and the members in family are less may be 3 or 4 then my suggestion will be to buy a Mini Food Processor.

Mini Food Processor will be the best option to buy for such people because it requires very less space as well as it performs all the task that a big food processor does.

And the most important it is easy to clean, that’s what we all search which does’nt take lot of time in washing or cleaning.

What is Cuisinart and Kitchenaid?

Cuisinart and Kitchenaid both are the American Home Appliance Brand. Cuisinart was owned by the Conair Cooperation and the company was founded in 1971.

On the other hand Kitchenaid is owned by Whirlpool Cooperation and company was founded in 1919.

Since both the brands are very popular and reputed and this made them to compare the two best brands . Today we are doing the comparison between the two brands which will help you in buying the best Mini Food Processor.

The Mini Food Processor that we are comparing here is of same size and quantity and for detailed information we will be discussing on some most important points like Product features, quality, price, abilities, Pro’s Con’s.

Kitchenaid Mini Food Processor vs Cuisinart


Benefits of Buying Mini Food Processor

Believe me guys, you don’t require very big or huge kitchen to cook food, a small kitchen with handy products can make the delicious food. Its not at all necessary that if you have a big, spacious gadgets in kitchen will make you food better or more tasty.

A simple handy kitchen tools will make you work easy and super comfortable. You will not require any extra time to clean that huge size Food Processor more. Peoples now search for such kitchen gadgets which make their kitchen work load minimum.

So, in this article we have discuss the details on mini food processor, mini food processor will do all the work like preparing purees , chopping , grinding it performs a versatile functions.

I personally loved to use a mini food processor, since my kitchen is small and want a processor which acquires less space. And mini Food processor is best one in today’s date.

Cuisinart DLC-4CHB Mini Prep Plus 4 cup Food Processor

  • Cuisinart Mini Food Processor carries the capacity of 4 cup.
  • Easy to handle and requires small space.
  • Performs the multitask functions like Grinding, Mixing, Chopping etc.
  • It contains the Auto Reverse Blade which spins in two directions.
  •  It has Stainless steel blade which performs two functions like Chop and Grind.
  • Lid has two holes on top side to pour the water or oil or any liquid.
  • Best for making the small portion of food easily.

Kitchenaid KFC3156WH 3.5 Cup Food Chopper/Processor

  • Compact Size which requires small space and easy to clean.
  • Kitchenaid 3.5 mini food processor is available in many beautiful colours.
  • Friendly Countertop Footprint.
  • Mini Food Processor Kitchenaid contains 2 speed buttons which helps in giving the coarse and fine result.
  • Have Stainless S shape sharp blade help in chopping, grinding and making purees.
  • Carries 3.5 cup capacity with pour Spout for easy pouring.
  • There is no on off button you have to press the handle of bowl.

Comparison Kitchenaid Mini Food Processor vs Cuisinart

Kitchenaid Mini Food Processors and Cuisinart Pro’s Con’s

After giving the details reviews on the both the product now we are going to see the Pro’s and Con’s so that you will get the clear view of each individual Mini Food Processor.

It’s very important to know the negative points of products while purchasing because it will help in buying the best Mini Food Processor.

So check below the Pro’s and Con’s of Kitchenaid and Cuisinart Mini Food Processor.

Kitchenaid Mini Food Processor pro's and con's


  • It is powerful, compact and easy to use.
  • Blends and chops evenly.
  • Light weight.
  • Best for smaller kitchens.


  • Don’t use to grind coffee beans or any other hard stuff.
  • Little bit confusing for opening the lid.
  • Founds difficulty in pressing the button.

Pro's and Con's Cuisinart Mini Food Processor


  • Perfect for small kitchens.
  • Performs all task like grinding , chopping etc.
  • Easy to handle and clean.
  • Need small space to keep.


  • Not for big large families.

Kitchenaid Mini Food Processor vs Cuisinart Video Comparison Reviews

For more details we have provided the videos so that it will be more easy to watch the live demo of both the products.

Kitchenaid vs Cuisinart : Who have Good Features?

Now it’s time for discussing the both the products features in details. It’s hard to say which has better features because it is nearly the same. But let’s look at the features point wise.

Attachments Parts 

The both the products have attachments parts . They have a S shaped Stainless Steel Sharp Blade which is mainly used for the purpose of chopping or making purees.

They both have lids with holes to pour the water or liquid . Cuisinart have two holes on lid while Kitchenaid have only one.

Product Size

The size of both the products is nearly same. Cuisinart Carries the 4 cup capacity while Kitchenaid carries 3.5 cup capacity.

The bowl is in nice shape of plastic material. Talking about the dimensions Kitchenaid has 5.60x7.00x8.70 inches.

While dimension of Cuisinart is 11.00x9.00x6.00 inches

Product Sound/Noise

Talking about the noise level then they both are quiet same, so noise is not that much created but cuisinart have little bit large noise than kitchenaid.

Kitchenaid Mini Food Processor Review vs Cuisinart Mini Food Processor Review

From all the discussion it is difficult to pick one product as the best one. Because both have the S shaped stainless steel blade which performs all the functions.

The major difference which I personally notice that in Cuisinart Food Processor Mini there are two function keys Chop and Grind and the blade is versatile . In which when you chop the food it spins in sharp direction and while grinding the blade spins in blunt way.

But on other hand in Kitchenaid there is two speeds button and direction of blade spin in only one way, so there is no special way of spinning the blade in Kitchenaid.

Which one is Best  : Kitchenaid or Cuisinart Mini Food Processor

Which one is Best  : Kitchenaid or Cuisinart Mini Food Processor

Cuisinart Mini Prep Food Processor is best one to purchase as we concluded from all the discussion and reviews.

When we see the features and ability of product that time the Cuisinart comes on the top as compared with the kitchenaid.

It will help in reducing the work load , since it has two function of Chopping and grinding. Simultaneously you can perform the both functions.

The nice thing about this Mini Food Processor is that it has separate spins for chopping and grinding. So, whenever you want to chop something press the chop button and when you want to grind some nuts press grind button, the blade will spin in opposite direction.

Auto Reverse Blade made this Mini Processor much interesting to purchase. And guys, be ready to make the amazing delicious food by using the Cuisinart Mini procesoor.

This Mini Processor Cuisinart will help to prepare the food very quick and makes the work more easier.

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