Best smart wifi electric pressure cooker | Instant pot vs chef IQ review 2021

You must hear of a pressure cooker or electric rice cooker or maybe electric pressure cooker but now as every appliance is getting smarter and smarter. So why not pressure cooker as well checkout the full article about this brand new innovation of smart wifi electric pressure cooker.

Now in this fast generation, everyone is super busy their life and may be due to working culture, for those people appliances must be smart enough to take fewer efforts. smart cookers are designed in this way only just put your all ingredients into the pot and chill out yourself because other work will be handled by a smart cooker.

What is a smart wifi electric pressure cooker?

There is some extraordinary functionality that makes electric cookers become smart wifi electric cookers. It has Wifi and Bluetooth which helps it to make connectivity to the mobile device. You can easily access your cooker with your mobile and control it. Compatible with Alexa so you can also control the pressure cooker by using voice commands.

Smart pressure has an auto pressure release option that maintains pressure based on the input given. App guided cooking as this smart pressure cooker is smart enough to connect and control through their respective apps. There are many recipes that can be guided by the app so you just need to follow the steps even though you have no knowledge about that dish still be able to prepare your favorite dishes with the help of this app-guided cooking feature.

What makes electric cooker smart?

  • Mobile connectivity through wifi and Bluetooth.
  • Alexa compatible.
  • It can be controlled by an app.
  • App guided cooking.

What is app guided cooking?

Basically, each brand that makes a smart cooker also provides apps that have the capability to connect to the smart cooker. Once it is connected you will see all preset of cooking recipes.

It’s very simple to use you just have to select any recipe from multiple options, or I can say dish which wanted to prepare then follow the steps that are guided by the app one by one.

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Top 2 best smart wifi pressure cooker

If you are interested n purchasing a smart cooker then I have listed the best 2 smart electric pressure cookers. And not only just description but also compared the as well. Instant pot and Chef IQ are well-known brands for smart cookers. Let’s see what all the different features and function in detail that these brands offered:

Instant Pot Smart WiFi 8-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

instant pot smart electric cooker with wifi
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Product description of instant pot multicooker:

The instant pot is not only a smart cooker but also a multifunctional cooker that can be used as a Pressure Cooker, Sterilizer, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, Yogurt Maker, Cake Maker, and Warmer.

This smart cooker has a huge online community and millions of people who provide online support and also provide you the proper guidance. The instant pot app has more than 1k pre-programmed recipes so you need not be worried about how your food will get prepared.

The instant pot has 13 one-touch programs, and almost it replaces more than 8 appliances from your kitchen. Don’t you think it’s worth buying!!!

What’s the capacity of a smart instant pot cooker?

6 Quartz.

Functions and features of instant pot :

Time-Saving: It saves up to 70% of the time as compared to the regular pressure cooker.

Multi-use or multi-purpose: As it has many features like yogurt maker, cake maker, steamer, slow maker, and many more.

Tracking on the go: No need to keep watch on food does it burn or stir you can control your cooker anytime and from anywhere as your phone is always with you.

Safety functions: Safety is most important as it is a programmable electric cooker and it has more than 11 safety features such as safety lead and overheating protection.

If you forgot to tighten lid or kept it open then you can get notified by app also same for protecting overheat.

Clean easiness: Most of the accessories of this smart cooker is dishwasher safe although if you are not interested to wash by dishwasher even as it is stainless still it’s easy to wipe.

instant pot smart wifi features

Which all accessories does provide with a smart WIFI instant pot electric cooker?

The smart instant pot comes with all the required accessories which need for cooking so you just need to start cooking without worrying about anything. Check below accessories that come along with a smart instant pot electric pressure cooker.

  • Stainless steel inner pot
  • Steam rack with handles
  • Serving spoon
  • Soup spoon
  • Measuring cup
  • Red mini mitts.

How to sterilize anything using a smart instant pot pressure cooker?

Sterilizing in instant pot is only for common household items only like glasses, metal spoons, silicon. If you wants to know proper process for sterilize in instant pot the follow below steps:

  1. Add 2 or 3 cups of water to the instant pot.
  2. Insert steam rack.
  3. Add items inside instant which need to be sterilized. (e.g. glasses)
  4. Close lid properly.
  5. Click sterilize button and select pressure as high with the 15-minute program.
  6. This setting will get saved automatically so next time you just have to run this preset.
  7. In some models, there is no sterilize button on the pot then use the pressure cook button.
  8. Let the cycle complete and then release the pressure of the cooker.
  9. Open the lid.

How to setup instant pot smart wifi cooker?

  • Download the instant pot app.
  • Go to the My Devices section from the menu.
  • Add new device.
  • Connect a smart cooker to your wifi by providing a username and password.
  • Once you are done with the connectivity you have to hold the pressure level(WIFI on/off) button for 3 sec.
  • If you see featured recipes on your app that means you are all set.
  • Now just select a recipe that you want to cook and start by pressing the cook now button.
  • Also, you can set temperature, pressure, and delay start.

CHEF iQ World’s Smartest Pressure Cooker

chef IQ electric smart pressure cooker

This cooker another best option if you are looking out for the best smart cooker that has an in-built display as well to see which is getting cooked or which recipe you want to cook from a given preset.

One thing I personally love most about this smart cooker is that it does not have many buttons only has few buttons and that are also touch buttons. One knob to scroll up or down to select any recipe and press the knob to continue.

Which all accessories included with the smart WIFI chef IQ pressure cooker?

As this cooker also a multi-functional cooker so steam rack and steam basket provided by chef iQ. Use the steam rack only for large food cooks like fish, chicken, and whole veggies. Use a steam basket for chopped vegies or small pieces of food.

Features of Chef iQ smart multicooker.

Automatic pressure release:

It has a super amazing feature to release pressure automatically after completion of the cooking cycle for safety purposes. Also, it can be set to 3 types of pressure 1.Natural 2.pulse 3.Quick.

Notification and updates:

As this cooker is totally smart like a phone so it can also be updated via the chef iQ app. Due to this, your cooker gets additional updated features, and also it helps in improve cooking. Along with this new preset of cooking also gets updated so through this you may try dishes which are new to you.

Cooking preset and cooking calculator:

Smart chef iQ pressure cooker app included more than 300 cooking preset. There is also a cooking calculator provided inside the app I know are more interested in what exactly do this cooking calculator.

The cooking calculator basically asks for your ingredient list once you input this it will exactly tell you how much time you need to set and also temperature setting.

App guided cooking:

Chef iQ app has cooking videos that tell you what needs to be done step by step. You just have to follow steps as per guided by the app and no need to set a timer or temperature setting.

5 app guided recipes gets added every week in the chef iQ app.

Built in scale:

Chef IQ cooker has a built-in precision scale that measures the exact amount of ingredients and you can cook by weight. Chef iQ smart cooker has 4 sensors that measure liquid accurately how much amount of liquid is required to prepare a meal.

Due to this you need not required measuring cups or measure water/liquid at runtime you will get to know on display about the liquid requirement.

How to setup chef IQ smart WIFI cooker?

  1. Connect chef smart cooker to the power supply and turn it on.
  2. Connect to setup message will appear on the cooker’s screen.
  3. Now you need to download the chef iQ app and signup.
  4. Select your appliance in-app and pair the smart cooker with the app via Bluetooth.
  5. After that, it searches for wifi use your home wifi network, and configure it.
  6. Now all the preset of recipes appear on your app you just have to select one whichever is your favorite.
  7. Just follow the steps which are guided by the app and enjoy cooking.

Comparison between smart WIFI instant pot vs smart chef iQ pressure cooker.

As instant pot and chef iQ both are leading brands so many people are interested in buying smart cookers from this brand only. And if you are also planning the same and got confused about which one to choose.

Do not worry we have given a detailed description and now check out the below-detailed difference between instant pot and chef smart WIFI pressure cooker.

Instant Pot Smart CookerChef iQ Smart Cooker
6 Quartz of capacity6 Quartz of capacity
Ingredients can be measured by the only cupIngredients can be measured by cup also it has a precise in-built scale
Sterilize the touch button on the front panelChef iQ also has sterlize feature but it does not have direct touch button
It has a normal display that only shows the timer and running program. Do not show preset cooking dishes.It has a screen that is similar to any device and it can show everything even you select a preset cooking dish.
It has almost all feature buttons on the front and the button is push type.It has touch buttons and limited buttons because it has a knob and screen so you can rotate and select accordingly.

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FAQ about smart wifi cooker

What is the difference between an electric pressure cooker and a smart pressure cooker?

The electric pressure cooker doesn’t have wifi and Bluetooth connectivity it has basic cooker functions which can be applied by pressing buttons on the cooker.

Whereas smart pressure has wifi, Bluetooth so it can connect to mobile phones to operate it and set delays, many more functions from mobile. Instant pot and chef IQ this electric pressure cooker comes with app guided recipe as well.

What is the capacity of smart instant pot pressure cooker?

6 quartz that means you can easily cook for 6 people.

Which smart cooker brand is best to buy instant pot or chef iQ?

Both brands are top quality or you can say market-leading brands in the electric pressure cooker segment. And now they come up with a smart WIFI pressure cooker.
There are slight changes in both brand’s product but it depends on the user which they like as one of the biggest difference is that chef iQ has LCD screen which looks stylish as well as an upgraded one as compared to the instant pot. Whereas in the instant pot it is totally reliant on the front one-touch button panel.
So it’s again up to you whichever functionality and look you like most go with it.

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