Top control vs front control dishwashers 2020 [Comparison]

Now in 2020 everyone wants to look at their kitchen elegant, modern, and stylish by look. To make the kitchen or home more attractive, appliances play an important role.

Nowadays the dishwasher is also as important as a washing machine and it’s very much necessary appliance in the kitchen as well to make your life easier.

This dishwasher not only cleans dishes but also gives a stylish look to your kitchen, So to choose sleek and stylish dishwasher is very much important.

Difference or Comparision between top and front control dishwasher

Front control dishwasher is a budget-friendly and inexpensive as compared to the top control dishwasher.

Top control dishwasher has buttons on the front which is easily visible. The handle of top control is on the front side of the dishwasher.

Pros and cons of top control and front control dishwashers?

Pros of front control dishwasher

  • In this dishwasher buttons located on the front side of the panel and it’s easily visible. Front control dishwasher’s look is quite classic.
  • It is very less time consuming and effortless.
  • As it’s an old classic in design since dishwasher came to the market so if you planning to change or replace your dishwasher then easy for you to operate.
  • Less expensive than top control dishwasher
  • The positioning of buttons is easily visible or accessible to anyone.
  • It’s easy to know the dishwashing cycle is over as buttons and led lights are placed on the front panel.

Cons of front control dishwasher

  • May be chances of buttons get pushed without knowing as they are on the front side.
  • Children may play with front buttons or press sometimes and mess up the dishwashing program.
  • Some people need a clean and sleek design on the front or they don’t like buttons on the front panel.

Pros of top control dishwasher :

  • Kids are unaware of top control dishwasher buttons as they are placed on top of the panel.
  • As button are resides on top of the panel so design and front panel looks so stylish and seamless.
  • The most benefit of the top control dishwasher is it looks so modern and classy to match the design of the latest generation.

Cons of top control dishwasher :

  • Buttons are very small in size as it is on the top panel and placed very compact.
  • Hard to know the dishwashing cycle is over or how much time is remaining to complete the cycle.

How to choose best dishwasher ? Which one is better ?

As compared to other appliances it’s very easy to choose dishwasher the reason behind it is there are only two types of dishwashers available in market.

As per the analysis top control dishwashers selling is 7 out 10 that means it is clear indication people needs more stylish dishwasher.

Top Control and Front Control

But still your confused and then don’t we will help you in this to choose the best dishwasher.Just go through below points :

You Can Go For Front Control Dishwasher :

  • If you are looking for an easily accessible button option
  • Budget-friendly and normal range dishwasher
  • If you like pocket-size designed handles

You Can Go For Top Control Dishwasher :

  • If you want a very minimalist and sleek design dishwasher
  • Has a very good budget or no budget issue at all
  • High-end dishwasher
  • Compact buttons are no issue for you
  • Safe from kids to press button

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Below listed are the best dishwashers in the top and front control segments.

Front Control Dishwasher

Samsung Stainless Front Control Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Tub

Avanti 18″ Built-in Dishwasher SS Panel

Top Control Dishwasher

GE PDT845SSJSS Integrated Dishwasher

GE GDT695SMJES Dishwasher

How much does it cost? The pricing difference between top and front?

Front control dishwasher is available at less price as compared to top control but that does not mean all front control dishwashers are less expensive.

The range of front control dishwasher is around 300$ to 550$ and the range of Top control is around 500$ to 750$ or more.

There are other dishwashers as well such portable dishwasher, countertop dishwashers we will try to review and cover all this in our next articles.


Which dishwasher is good top or front control ?

It totally depends on your requirement majorly difference is of buttons you want on the front panel or top and budget which has as top control are high range compared to front control.

How to start start dishwasher ?

It is different and depends on the various brands so the best way is you just find the product manual and go through it.

Main difference between front and top dishwasher ?

Front control has buttons on the front panel of the dishwasher and pocket handle whereas top control has button on top of the panel and handle on the front.

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