Best wolf coffee maker system review | Expensive! but the classy coffee maker

If you love the coffee and brew it daily but now you wanted to invest some money in high quality and classy coffee maker or machine then the wolf coffee maker is the best option for you.

First of all, let me make it easy for you to understand the difference between a wolf and other coffee makers. Wolf coffee maker is not the average coffee maker and it is not cheaper though.

Wolf coffee maker is one of the premium, finest and exceptional coffee maker

As you read in the title itself this coffee maker is expensive than the normal coffee maker but there is a reason behind it. Wolf has some functionality that never disappoints their users by brewing the exact perfect coffee which is expected.

This perfection is possible due to the manual customized functionality provided by the wolf coffee makers. Temperature and grinding technique is the key to any coffee maker to brew the best and customize coffee as the user expected and the same options can be set by rotating knobs in these wolf coffee machines.

List of Wolf Coffee Makers

There is three coffee maker system currently available in the market which are :

  • Wolf Gourmet Programmable coffee maker
  • Wolf 24″ Coffee System – Stainless Steel

Warranty of wolf coffee maker

Wolf coffee manufacturer provides limited waranty of 5 years

Wolf Countertop coffee machine review

Wolf Gourmet Programmable coffee maker

Wolf Gourmet coffee maker comes with a 10-cup thermal carafe. This machine’s main USP is a superior-tasting coffee this coffee machine makes you the same taste of coffee every time which made you earlier.

This is possible due to optimal temperature, time, and extraction method. Quantity of cups does not matter for this wolf coffee system brew 2-cup or 10-cup doesn’t affect your coffee taste.

Wolf gourmet programmable coffee maker

Weight and size of wolf gourmet programmable coffee machine

  • Size : 10.83 x 9.06 x 14.37 inches
  • Weight: 13.53 pounds

Features of Wolf Gourmet Programmable coffee maker:

  • Easiness:
    • It has a smooth-glide to load coffee ground along with the front brew basket.
    • A removable side water tank can be easily fill in the sink and attach again.
  • Thermal Carafe:
    • Comes with a thermal carafe that has a 10-cup coffee holding capacity.
  • Faster Brew time:
    • Brew 10 cups of coffee in just 7 min.
  • Optimal Extraction:
    • Spraying water evenly over coffee grounds to make the optimal extract.
  • Programmable Setting:
    • Two programmable settings Accu Brew and manual mode. Mild to bold adjustable strength setting for a customized experience.
  • LCD Screen:
    • It has LCD screen which keeps you updated with every functionality and time
  • Clock and Time setting:
    • It displays clock time on LCD panel also you can set the timer to brew your coffee. Suppose you want to brew every morning when you wake up then this might help you.

What is Accu-Brew Technology ?

Accu brew technology basically lets you know how much amount of coffee you need to make your coffee as perfect and consistent in taste again and again.

This technology won’t make you disappoint in taste as you know coffee taste won’t be the same in other coffee makers and you may notice that every time slight change or bitter in taste.

wolf coffee ground container

It has an integrated scale to measure the quantity of ground coffee so you can add accurate coffee to brew the same taste. I would say this is the best technology in the coffee machine to recreate the same taste again and again.

Built-in Wolf coffee maker

Wolf 24″ Coffee System – Stainless Steel or Black Glass

There are two variants in the wolf coffee machine one is a traditional countertop wolf gourmet model and another is 24″ built-in coffee system.

Which is modern in look also it is not countertop machine it needs to be fit inside your kitchen wall.

Wolf built in 24″ machine makes kitchen beautiful and elegant. This coffee maker is brew a personalize and professional coffee for you.

wolf coffee system

Quick Overview of wolf built in coffee system :

It can be slide out to refill the whole bean or pre-coffee ground into the container.

The water tank is situated on the right side of the front panel just pulled that out and fill the fresh cold water from the sink.

Coffee dispenser of this system allows you to take one cup coffee or 2-cup coffee simultaneously. Which is the best time saving functionality rarely seen in any coffee maker.

I would say because of this coffee system we can take 2 cups of coffee in a single cup of coffee time.

Due to this coffee dispensing this coffee system saves 50% of the time that means it straight out 50% faster and efficient than any other machine.

wolf built-in coffee machine
Wolf gourmet programmable coffee maker

Features of wolf built-in coffee maker:

  • Indicates on LCD once coffee ground or whole beans tray is empty.
  • Removable water tank to make it easy to refill from the sink.
  • Can fill up 2-cup simultaneously from the dispenser.
  • The water tank capacity is 1.8 Litres which enough for the day.
  • The built-in grinder also has an adjustment knob to make extract according to your choice.
  • Next to the coffee spout, it has a port to attach or detach either hot water or milk container.
  • Temperature and Grinding: Two are important aspects in making coffee tasty as per your customization and here in this system we get both manual options to set the coffee grind broader or finest grind. Also, the temperature can be adjusted through the setting.

Warranty :

Wolf coffee system comes with 2 years full warranty and 5 years limited warranty.

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24″ Wolf Cup Warming Drawer Black Glass or stainless steel

Also has an additional product which wolf warming drawer this drawer can be fitted below the coffee system and makes your kitchen more upgraded and more stylish than the earlier.

There are two options available in this product stainless steel and black glass. The reason for these two options is a coffee system.

As wolf built-in coffee system available in this variants. So the drawer should match with either black or steel.

Our recommendation is to buy the same colour suppose if your planning to purchase stainless steel variant in coffee system then go for steel drawer.

24" wolf coffee drawer
Wolf warmer drawer


  • Wolf warmer drawer has 8 cubic areas and has 40 cups of normal coffee cups capacity and 80 cup express cups capacity.
  • Temperature setting option to set it according to the requirement
  • Even and gentle heat throughout the drawer is possible because of a horizontal column in the drawer. Which circulates hot air evenly inside the drawer.
  • An electronic child-safe button panel is located inside the drawer which appears on top inside after slide out it. Also called a hidden panel as it is not on the front of the panel.
  • The electronic panel has different modes for setting up the temperature, delays, and timer.

Combination of Wolf Coffee system and cup drawer looks stylish checkout below image :

wolf coffee drawer

How to descale the wolf coffee system / machine?

  1. Empty the water tank first.
  2. Add 3.40oz of descaling solution and fill up the water tank with 50% of the capacity.
  3. Install the water spout.
  4. Keep the water container more than 2 liters of capacity under the spout
    • As there is no container in the market or available with the coffee system which stands on the tray
    • So you need to hold this till the descaling process gets completed .
  5. When the appliance is on, press to access options.
  6. Press or until “DESCALE” appears, then press. “DESCALING UNDERWAY” will appear on the display.
  7. After 30 minutes, “RINSING FILL TANK” appears. Fill the water tank with water, empty the large container, and reinstall.
  8. Press. “RINSING PLEASE WAIT” will appear on the display.
  9. Once the cycle is complete, “RINSING COMPLETE” will appear on the display. Fill the container and press .
  10. Press and then press.

When to descale or how soon to descale the coffee machine ?

There is no such time span that you can go for descaling your machine but it’s up to the use of the coffee machine.

If your machine is used by only a single person then you might be descaled very rare. So there is no such standard that how soon you descale it.

Mostly it is also dependent on the hardness of water as well. So better you do descaling only when descale appears on your coffee system display.

Comparison between Wolf gourmet coffee machine and Wolf 24″ coffee system.

Wolf gourmet coffee machine VS Wolf 24″ coffee system which is best.

Now, this where most of the people got confused and it is normal to be confused here because these are both products manufactured under the brand wolf.

Anyway, let’s get rid out of confusion by reading this difference between the Wolf gourmet coffee machine and Wolf 24″ built in coffee system.

Wolf gourmet coffee maker is known as a programmable coffee maker

Wolf 24″ built-in Black glass or stainless steel coffee system is a modern concept to fit this coffee machine parallel to the wall.

Whereas Wolf gourmet is a countertop / freestanding coffee machine or traditional type of coffee machine.

There is also a difference in brewing capacity, functionality, coffee dispenser, water tank capacity, and grinding method.

Built-in 24″ Wolf coffee system can fill up the two cup coffee at a time as wolf gourmet won’t.

Both coffee machines have removable water tanks but the capacity of wolf gourmet is slight lesser as compared to the built-in coffee system

How to use the wolf coffee system?

Step 1:

Slide the unit towards you.

Step 2:

Add whole beans into the container.

Step 3:

Slide in the coffee system back.

Step 4:

Keep the cup under the coffee spout and adjust the spout to the lower of the coffee cup.

Step 5:

Now set up the brewing strength from extra mild to extra strong by pressing the bean button.

Step 6:

Set the desired volume based on how much quantity you need from one-ounce expresso to 12ounce large by pressing a small and large cup icon button.

Step 7:

Select the single cup button to initiate one cup of coffee or press 2-cup for double capacity.

Tips for wolf coffee system :

1.Use only fresh beans within 2-3 months of purchasing.

2.Keep beans in a fresh airtight container.

3.Refill water container daily with fresh water to avoid bacteria.


Does wolf manufacture built in coffee makers?

Yes, wolf built in 24″ coffee system in Black Glass or stainless steel variant.

Are wolf coffee systems good ?

Of course, Wolf coffee makers are one of the premium range coffee machines for coffee lovers. Only the price is a little expensive as compared to other coffee makers available in the market. But it is worth investing in this machine as it is programmable and brews coffee to perfection.

Does wolf gourmet provide thermal carafe with machine?

Yes, thermal carafe is given by wolf which has the capacity of 10-cups.

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