Yonanas Machine that makes Frozen Dessert at home 2021

Whether you are on diet or not but when it comes to dessert no one on the planet will refuse to it. Yes, I’m talking about the delicious and yummy dessert which we all love anytime anywhere- “Frozen Ice Cream”. Today I’m going to talk about everyone’s favourite topic on the Yonanas Frozen Fruit Dessert Maker.

I’m damn sure guys you will love this article, as I’m going to reveal some most interesting facts about the Yonanas Healthy Dessert maker.

I very well remember my childhood where my dad used to take me out every Sunday and I always ask him to buy ice cream for me. And that time when it comes to Frozen fruit ice cream then I wished that each day must be Sunday!!

Let’s have a quick discussion,

Are you a midnight eater?

Especially Ice cream eater?

There are many of us who just love to have a bowl of ice cream in hand and seat in front of a television and watching some favourite series or movies.

As we see on TV, a man seating with a credit card in his hand and ordering ice cream late at night seems to be very easy.

But in real life it’s not that easy.

(Who will spend money every day on ice cream)

But now it has become easier to make your all favourite frozen ice cream making at home.

If a machine promises that it will make any “frozen fruit to soft dessert” then why we should refuse and that though at home!!

And Guyss!!! Summer is on its way.

Anything which can cool down in summer is Ice Cream.

But what about the Tooth?

Now you don’t need to worry at all, a healthy fruit frozen softer and more creamy dessert ice cream will not create any problem.

The Yonanas machine makes the soft and creamy dessert at home. Yonanas Classic Original Healthy Dessert Maker is available on Amazon.

Many of us love to indulge but due to certain problem of intaking dairy products stop us to have ice cream or any dairy items.

But this Yonanas machine doesn’t require the dairy product, you just need to add frozen fruit and the output will be a soft, creamier and healthier dessert.

It’s a good news for all mom’s there.

Now she doesn’t have to run with a bowl of fruits to feed their children ( we all know children don’t like many fruits, but they love ice creams).

So what can be a better option than Yonanas Ice cream maker machine, which can turn any frozen fruit into ice cream.

What is Yonanas?

Yonanas Healthy Dessert Fruit Soft Serve Maker made by the most famous and largest Fruits and Vegetable producer “Dole”.

A soft-serve machine is a cross-over between the blender and an ice cream maker.

Yonanas ice cream machine turns every frozen fruit into a delicious and creamy dessert. Just freeze the fruits overnight and then throw them into the Yonanas Cream machine.

How does Yonanas Machine Works?

Whenever we buy some products we search on internet .

How it works?

How does the machine performs all this functions?

Is’t it true!!!

And talking about the Yonanas Machine performance or we can say the working system then lemme explain you in a very easy way.

Yonanas Ice cream maker machine is very easy to use and it’s a very small and compact size machine.

What I most like in this is “it’s small and stylish design”.

The Dole have designed the Yonanas Soft serve machine in such a way that it requires very minimum area.

As you might have read the above topic of Yonanas machine parts, in which I have given the Yonanas machine parts name.

Now we will see how each part performance there functions.

Starting with the very first, every machine starts by pressing the button. Yonanas Soft serve machine have a small button on the right side. A single button is used for ON/ OFF.

The plunger is used to shove the fruit inside the chute or we can say it works as a pusher.

Inside there is a blade cone which plays the most important role in making the frozen ice cream. The blade cone has sharp tiny blades which grind or smash the frozen fruits to a thick paste texture.

Blade cone comes in a cone shape which makes the frozen fruit into soft creamy ice cream.

Plastic gasket is used to keep the whole material inside the spinning cone.

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Yonanas Machine Parts

Assembling the Yonanas dessert maker machine doesn’t take much time, it’s a small machine that has some parts like a plunger, a chute with spinning blades, blade cone, bottom cap, electric base and Gasket which keeps everything together.

You will not require any extra tool to set up the Yonanas machine because it is already screwed.

Plunger: Plunger is used to push the fruit inside the chute.

By using Two finger operation only the machine works and it don’t takes much effort and save time.

It feels just like your favourite dessert and I like to serve this to people anytime for entertaining.

Very easy to assemble, dishwasher safe parts, best healthy dessert option.

Product Reviews Yonanas

Yonanas Deluxe Frozen Desert Maker

Yonanas Classic Frozen Dessert Maker works great for the small works and it has a small machine as compare tp Elite.

It beautifully blends the frozen fruit and for small families or get together this will be the best option to choose.

Yonanas Classic is made up of sturdy plastic with having a metal blade. It is available in different vibrant colours on Amazon.

Yonanas Elite Dessert Maker

EliteYonanas is the easiest and fun using ice cream maker which creates a great treat for everyone in a very healthy and tasty way.

By using only frozen fruits you can now make a soft smooth ice cream with fruity flavours.

The Dole has introduced the new version of Yonanas Machine which is known as Yonanas Elite Frozen Dessert maker.

The quiet, powerful and new sleek design is best for parties, entertaining or maybe just making the healthy and tasty treats for your family ones.

You just simply need to add the frozen fruit into the chute and it will create a delicious bowl of frozen dessert.

Clean up is fast and easy because Yonanas machine parts are dishwasher safe.

The Yonanas Elite Machine is twice powerful than the traditional machines.

Yonanas Deluxe vs Elite

Before comparing the yonanas Deluxe and Elite frozen fruit Dessert Maker let’s talk about some facts.

There are two ways to intake or include fruits into your diet

Very First, direct eating (when you feel hungry)

Secondly, used in baking. But in baking, all the nutrition values get lost.

And making an apple pie means adding lots of sugar which automatically destroy the taste as well as fruit value.

As the doctor recommends us to eat at least 5-8 fruits and vegetables every day. But in today’s lifestyle, it has become a task for all.

If we think that it is very hard to intake fruits every day, then how difficult it could be for the kids??

It’s all up to us to find a solution for this problem and after reviewing the Yonanas Frozen Ice Cream Making machine I have found the solution for this.

Now it has become easier to have a bowl of creamy frozen fruit in a very healthy and tasty manner.

Now all family can gather together and eat fruits (Kids also).

And best part of this machine is “It does what it says”.

From Yonanas the fruits comes softer, smoother and creamier.

Basic Difference Between the Yonanas Claasic vs Elite

The most important what makes both the product different?

Dole have launched the Elite version for large parties and gathering.

Overall both Yonanas Deluxe and Elite are same only difference is power.

Elite is more powerful (30%) and larger than the Yonanas Classic.

The appearance of Yonanas is the same, it seems to be like a juicer as it has a pusher and chute in which fruit is inserted .

Confused about which one to buy?

Then I have a solution, if you are purchasing for small families the Yonanas Classic will be the best one to buy otherwise Yonanas Elite is best for large gatherings, parties and large works.

Storage is a big issue in everyone’s kitchen, but don’t worry Yonanas consume very little space and fit in any corner easily.

Yonanas Icecream Machine Testing

To be very frank guys, after purchasing the Yonanas machine I have invited my friends for dinner.

After the dinner, I have served the dessert( the most awaited thing for all) and seriously friends all were enjoying the dessert.

They thought this might be a new fruit flavour of ice cream launch in the market.

Then I have given the live demonstration to all of them, they all got surprised by the Yonanas performance.

A machine which makes the healthy ice cream-like dessert at home what can be a better option from this.

(This was my personal experience that I have shared with my readers)

What I have Liked in Yonanas Machine

The most interesting and important questions for all buyers is Price!!!

The Yonanas Ice cream maker machine doesn’t cost too much. It is very affordable for every buyer.

At amazon you can get discount on Yonanas.

The Dole have designed very beautifully that the product does not consume large space, very comfortable to use and its compact size is best to keep and even you can travel with that.

Yonanas Basic Model costs $39.99 and Deluxe Yonanas Elite costs$124.05.

Both are nearly the same but there is a difference in their price due to some extra features in Yonanas Deluxe Elite.

Buyers always need such product which are affordable and popular.

Most important as compare to other ice maker machine this Yonanas machine is best to keep in a small space and very handy to use.

Doesn’t take much time to make the frozen ice cream and you need to use the frozen fruits only.

What I didn’t Liked in Yonanas Machine

Since this machine needs only frozen fruits so you need to freeze the fruits 1-2 days before for the best result.

You need plan and according to that you can freeze the fruits.

Frozen fruit have to thaw for at least 10 minutes to get a solid and thick texture.

The machine is noisy and if you are planning to invite some guest then prepare the ice cream in advanced.

The spinning blades which are present inside the chute “eat half of the fruit mix” and you need to disassemble the machine and gather the remaining after you have done.


I defy anybody to say that isn’t truly ice cream it is the most amazing thing and it so helpful.

So instead of putting a screamer soft serve custard in use, this machine will give you the same texture as market ice cream.

When I was writing this article my mom said this one will be the best to use old fruit so that it doesn’t get wasted and if the doctor has recommended to eat fruits or include fruits in your diet then this is the best way to include.

Kids get involved in this since we all know the todays generation kids they need a thing which attracts them because the colourful and decorative foods make them eat.

Basically what can be better than this, if this Yonanas healthy frozen fruit machine includes fruits in your children’s diet.

It can also impress your guest.

We all get confused when some guest arrives at our home. But this frozen fruit dessert will be the best and very easy attractive thing to serve in front of your guest.

My personal tip for you will be that always use the cheetah spots bananas as it is much sweeter and makes the best Yonanas dessert.

Remember don’t forget to peel off the banana before keeping to freezer.

Its great for diabetics, lactose intolerance, weight watchers.

So guys have you also used the Yonanas Healthy Frozen Ice cream maker?

Do comment below.

I hope the information I have shared will be useful for all.

FAQ About Yonanas

What is Cheetah Banana and how it looks?

Cheetah Banana are those which have black spots on the outer surface and which is ripped very nicely or we can say over-ripe banana.
The black or brown spots banana is sweeter which makes the perfect Yonanas.
over ripe banana

Yonanas can be make without Banana?

Yes, why not you can make Yonanas without the banana. You can use other fruits like berries, strawberry etc. But the fruit must be frozen.

After making Yonanas can I freeze it?

Yes, you can freeze the Yonanas after you make it. Because sometimes there are leftovers so in that case freeze the Yonanas just like ice cream.
Then let it be at room temperature and bit it to a smooth texture.

Yonanas machine can be used as a Juicer?

No, it’s not a juicer. Yonanas is designed to make the frozen fruit into creamy dessert-like ice cream.

Can we make Yonanas in Blender?

Yes, you can but it will not give you that creamy texture like Yonanas. And it also depends on the blender machine and how much fruit is frozen.

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